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January will be Toastmasters Open House Month

As we step into 2024, it’s time to set the tone for a year filled with growth, learning and camaraderie. We are thrilled to announce that January will be Toastmasters Open House Month and we encourage each club to make the most of this opportunity.

To add an extra dash of excitement, we have decided to make it a friendly competition. The club that recruits the greatest number of new members during January will receive a special incentive from the district. This incentive is not only a token of appreciation but also a testament to your club’s commitment to fostering a welcoming and dynamic environment.

To ensure the success of your Open House, we ask that you send your Club’s Open House poster to the district. We’ll feature it on our website and social media channels, reaching a broader audience and attracting potential members to your event. This exposure will undoubtedly contribute to the overall success of your Open House.

Please submit your club’s Open House poster HERE. Include all relevant details such as date, time, location, and any other information that will make your event stand out.

Let’s work together to make January a memorable and impactful month for Toastmasters. Whether you’re a seasoned member or a newcomer, let’s embrace the spirit of Toastmasters and welcome new faces into our community.

Thank you for your dedication to Toastmasters. Here is to a fantastic year ahead!

Contact Information for each Open House is provided below. Additionally, you can click on the club’s name to open a link to their website.

OPEN HOUSES 2023 – 2024

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