Of the Year Awards

The OF THE YEAR awards referred to as our “OTY’s” include Rookie, Public Relations, Toastmaster, Club President, Area Director and Division Director. District 42 OF THE YEAR awards recognize our hard-working leaders’ dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and service from July 1st – June 30th each year.
Past Presidents lead the nomination committee in each club. For more specific details of OTY awards purpose, eligibility and deadlines, please refer to D42 Toastmasters Procedures.

Personal testimonies from other club members are a tremendous asset to the best submissions and give the committee a better idea of the contributions of your club member that is being nominated. Please see the documents below for some ideas and suggestions for writing nominations.

Explain supportive details, dates, names, examples or significant information to add to your submission. Describe how their actions are different, unique, innovative or creative in contributing to club and district success. Give examples of leadership qualities they bring to the club that improve the learning environment.


Nomination committees for each club, area, division and district can find the timeline, and process for submitting and presenting awards in the information below. 

Nominee and appointed Area Director receive confirmation once submitted. If you have not been receiving/redirected emails from the AD or DD email, contact the administration. 

Click on the appropriate level for submission deadlines, who is responsible for completing forms, who is responsible for collecting submissions and when and where each award is presented.

Powerful OTY Award Nominations

Of the Year Awards are presented each year for Toastmasters in District 42 who demonstrate outstanding commitment, dedication and leadership to their clubs, areas, divisions and our organization as a whole.

Specific standards are outlined in each nomination form.

  • Rookie
  • Toastmaster
  • President
  • Public Relations
  • Area Director
  • Division Director

Valuable ideas to include on the nomination form include

  • Specific details of the job or tasks they did
  • How were their actions different, unique, creative or innovative?
  • How did they demonstrate raising the bar?
  • Explain how they encouraged others and contributed to club success.
  • What example do they set in their own Toastmasters education journey?
  • What leadership qualities do they bring to the club?
  • What traits do they share in improving the learning environment?
  • What supportive details, dates, names, examples or important information can you provide?
  • Have someone review your nomination for grammar and clarity before submitting it.
  • Keep a copy!
  • Record your winners in your diary so it is easy to find them when you present the following year. 

Below are some examples of descriptive phrases and vocabulary included in past testimonies to support additional information in award submissions. Be inspired by these ideas to help you write a nomination that is informative, detailed and showcases the best of your club members.

  • Passion for Toastmasters
  • Engaging speaker
  • Interactive and entertaining presentations
  • Quick humour
  • Bright smile, positive energy
  • An active member of our club
  • A natural speaker who captivates his audience
  • His energy adds a new dynamic to the club
  • Positive nature is very well received by new members and guests
  • Very natural and amicable presenter
  • Always upbeat and ready to help in any capacity
  • Continual inspiration of new ideas and events
  • His keenness has invigorated the rest of the club
  • Talking Up Toastmasters (inside and outside the club)
  • Attends Club Officer Training without being an executive member
  • Lights up our weekly meetings
  • Developed into one of our club’s most confident and experienced members
  • Can be relied on to jump-start initiatives or help out whenever or wherever needed
  • Never ceases to bring joy and laughter to our meetings with his zany antics, off-the-cuff humour and larger-than-life personality
  • Reviewed our club achievements and recognized members that contributed to our success
  • Reliable, carry out roles with excellence and offers encouragement to fellow members
  • Notified the club when he is unable to attend with a replacement on the schedule
  • Instrumental in the continued growth and development of the club
  • Warm and cheery personality
  • A solid source of knowledge and experience for our club
  • Constantly and continuously involved in club activities particularly…
  • Willingness to educate and mentor others is second to none
  • Promptly and happily provides answers with accurate and helpful advice
  • Inspired club members with her motivation and drive toward completing project speeches
  • Joy to work with on the executive and dedicated to the success of our club
  • Always warm and pleasant demeanour
  • Seems to possess unlimited amounts of energy and enthusiasm for Toastmasters
  • Fills in evaluations and provides feedback
  • Welcomes members and guests
  • Encourages members to take on leadership roles
  • Eager to interact with guests and answer questions
  • Actively volunteers for roles
  • <Name> joined Toastmasters in
  • Has completed <#> of speeches and <#> Pathway levels
  • Participated as <competitor or official roles> in fall and spring contest
  • Organizing educational sessions/ speech contests/ special events
  • Producing PR materials (newsletter, website, social media, brochures, posters…)
  • Mentored new members in a warm and welcoming manner
  • Flourished as one of our best and brightest speakers
  • Consistently represents our club at Area Contest with poise and dignity
  • Participation as a speaker outside Toastmasters includes….
  • Going the extra mile, he organized and presented educational workshops including…
  • Attended other clubs, Leadership Training, Speech Contests, Conferences, workshops, …
  • Organized Inductions for our new members
  • Has accepted role for next year as….
  • Helped build a stronger and more vibrant club
  • Judging contests outside of Toastmasters
  • Bringing guests to our club who became members
  • Filled several executive roles including…
  • Effective at delegating responsibilities
  • Sensible, generous and motivated leader
  • Addressed and followed through on concerns and items
  • Always encouraged openness and created a friendly atmosphere among members
  • Example of being a team player
  • Gave exceptional feedback to our presenters
  • Her strengths in leadership are: integrity, reliability and honesty
  • A dynamic leader brings out the best in other people
  • Genuinely enjoys watching others succeed within the Toastmasters’ program
  • Hosted meetings that were productive, positive and inspiring
  • Attention to DCP goals and her innate ability to motivate the club to achieve it
  • Continually mentors, coaches and encourages others to succeed in presenting, competing and leading
  • Challenges club members to risk, learn and improve
  • Best leaders help create, foster and grow better leaders
  • Ran meetings smoothly with the changes as they unfolded
  • Coached others in understanding the things that need to be done on short notice
  • A confident and calm leadership style that is admirable
  • Helps others reach their true potential
  • Walks the talk, is a role model, and strives to achieve personal and club goals
  • Steps up to opportunities
  • Takes initiative
  • Forward-thinking
  • Transparency



Of The Year Awards Frequently Asked Questions

The Rookie of the year eligibility is defined in the District Procedures

3.3.2 Eligibility

  • Any member in good standing of District 42 who joins a Toastmasters club at any time during the 18 months prior to June 30 of the year for which the award is being given is eligible.
  • Toastmasters eligible for the Rookie of the Year award are also eligible for Toastmaster of the Year award.
  • The Toastmaster may only be nominated once for “Rookie of the Year” by a Toastmasters club.
  • The Rookie of the Year award will be based on the member’s activities from the date of the member joining to the following June 30 of the award year.
  • Eligible Toastmasters shall be new members of Toastmasters International and shall not be reinstated members.

The recipient will be that Toastmaster in District 42 who most exemplifies the ideal Toastmaster. with the exception of Toastmasters who are Area Director, Division Director, Immediate Past District Director, District Finance Manager, District Administration Manager, Public Relations Manager, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director and District Director for the award year in question.

Club Presidents that meet eligibility requirements will be notified and invited by the District to complete the President of the Year nomination form. Club Presidents meeting Eligibility as outlined in the District Procedures will be invited to submit.

3.1.4 Eligibility

In addition to the criteria outlined in 3.1.4 b) any member who has served a full term (12 months) as Club President during the preceding calendar year, provided his or her club meets the following criteria for the year ending the previous June 30 and as President does not fall into one of the categories of f) or g):

a) Achieved Distinguished Club Program (DCP), as published by Toastmasters International in digital format;
b) Submitted semi-annual report and dues, which were received by Toastmasters International by October 1st and April 1st;
c) Submitted the new Club Officer List to Toastmasters International by June 30 at the end of his/her term of office (as recorded on the following year’s DCP report);
d) Club President or Club VP Education must attend the virtual Fall District Council Meeting (As per Toastmasters Guidelines Article X, Section E states proxy votes are not permitted in a virtual meeting)
e) Was represented by voting delegate(s) at the Spring District Council Meeting (As per Toastmasters Guidelines Article X, Section E states proxy votes are not permitted in a virtual meeting)
f) Was represented by a voting delegate or proxy at the Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting;
g) For clubs electing annually, the President is not serving a successive full term in office; or,
h) For clubs electing semi-annually, the President is allowed to serve two six-month terms consecutively and is not serving additional successive terms in office.

  • Form a committee of at least 3 additional Toastmasters (from outside your Area or Division) to choose your winners.
  • Plan ahead so you can submit the winners before the deadline for your level.
  • By the time these submissions get to Division, they are all accomplished Toastmasters and it will be a difficult decision.
  • The forms provide a snapshot of the nominee’s contributions and should be supported by testimonials.
  • Having a committee of experienced Toastmasters, familiar with this process to assist you is very effective. 
  • Meet in person, online or communicate with your committee by email.

To gain an unbiased perspective, invite experienced members of neighbouring clubs that are not in the same Area or Division to be on your OTY Committee. A committee includes you plus 3 other members.


  • You may need to encourage your clubs to submit nominations for all awards at your level.  
  • Promote the OTY process and encourage people to recognize members who have contributed to success in clubs and throughout the district. 
  • As leaders, we want to acknowledge our role models and celebrate our successes together.

Division Directors encourage nominations for Area Director of the year.

  • Educate members on the online forms and have your Area Directors complete as much as they can. 
  • Prepare early and remind them frequently throughout the year.
  • Help them schedule and submit strong nominations promptly.  
  • They can ask some members of their Area to submit testimonials on their behalf. The testimonials can be sent directly to you. 
  • Assist your clubs to support their AD. Give them information, forms and deadlines.  
  • As Division Director you would not normally add to the testimonials at this point, but once your committee has chosen a winner you add your comments to support your winner before sending it to District Director.

Division Directors can start filling in their own nomination forms. 

  • Area Directors can support their Division Director with a testimonial sent to District Director before the deadline.
  • Division Directors can also ask other Toastmasters members they have worked with over the year to submit a testimonial.
  • Members want the opportunity to support their leaders.

Of the Year is to acknowledge, recognize and thank our dedicated leaders.  Promote the process.

After the club awards in June, the Area, Division and District winners are announced at the Fall contests.

  • The current Directors invite last year’s leaders to present these awards announcing it on the contest agenda.
  • Select your winner by the committee before the posted deadline.  
  • Forward your winner and supporting documents to the next level but keep the results confidential until the winners are officially announced.
  • Consider any clubs that have been realigned into a different Area/Division.
  • Please be flexible and creative about how best to honour your winner.
  • Invite them back to the Area, or go to their new Area/Division to present the award.
  • Confirm that all nominees attend the presentation.
  • All clubs in the Area who have submitted nominations to the Area will have a vested interest in hearing the results. 
  • The winner deserves a fitting presentation with testimonial quotes and an appreciative audience to congratulate them.

These are the old fillable forms that can be used to collect information needed for submissions. After getting the information fill out the online forms below. 


Complete the appropriate online form to submit your nominations

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