Approving a Level 5 High Performance Leadership Project

The purpose of the High Performance Leadership projects is to showcase each Toastmasters leadership skills. Rather than managing a project, it is about leading a project. The following checklist was developed by Fluor Communicators to assist their VPs Education in knowing when a member’s undertakings truly demonstrated leadership when completing this Pathways Project.

Leadership Project Overview

  • Build a team
  • Lead the team to successful completion of a project o Develop a comprehensive plan with well defined goals
  • Delegate tasks to team members
  • Motivate each individual

Tasks Overview

  • Team consists of at least 3 other members
  • Guidance Committee consists of at least 2 other members and meets at least 5 times through the duration of the project
  • Speech 1 – introduce the plan and vision
  • Speech 2–share experience developing and completing the plan

Were the following or similar resources used

□ Yes□NoGuidance Committee Introduction
□ Yes□NoMeeting Agenda
□ Yes□NoProject Plan Overview
□ Yes□NoProject Plan
□ Yes□NoVision Plan
□ Yes□NoEvent Planning Worksheet
□ Yes□No360 Evaluation

In this project was the candidate more of a:

  • Manager (planning, organizing, facilitating specific tasks)
  • Leader (build camaraderie, empower others to learn and develop)

Did the candidate display the 6 areas of Altruistic Leadership:

□ Yes□NoVision & Values
□ Yes□NoDirection
□ Yes□NoPersuasion
□ Yes□NoSupport
□ Yes□NoDevelopment
□ Yes□NoAppreciation

Guidance Committee

Meet a minimum of 5 times. □ Yes □ No

  1. Before you select your project
  2. After you create a vision
  3. After you form a team and build a full project plan
  4. At midpoint of project plan
  5.  When project is complete

Creating a Strategy

  • Project Plan
    • At a minimum every project plan needs to include name of project, list of primary stakeholders and stakeholder groups, list of team members, record of assigned tasks, milestones, deadlines
  • Delegate responsibilities
    • What were the team members’ goals?
  • Milestones
  • Timeline
  • Share a copy of the plan with each person on team
  • Hold review meeting

Mid Point Evaluation

Did the candidate perform a progress review or use the 360 Evaluation and facilitate a discussion with Guidance Committee during the midpoint meeting? □ Yes □ No

Progress Review includes these 3 areas:

  • Team performance
  • Team effectiveness
  • Personal assessment

Completing the Project

Was there a debrief meeting with the team? □ Yes □ No
Was there a debrief meeting with the Guidance Committee? □ Yes □ No Final documents needed:

  • 360 Evaluation from at least 1 team member
  • 360 Evaluation from at least 1 Guidance Committee member
  • Personal 360 Evaluation

Developed by Lisa Branch, DTM | Fluor Communicators

If you’d like a copy of this in a downloadable PDF format, please click on link below

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