D42 Status

As of August-23-2023:

  • 63.57% of officers trained

  • Highlights: several clubs that have trained all their officers – 7 of 7 during this 1st round of training:
    1. Twin Rivers Club (A15)
    2. Calgary Talking Toastmasters (C11)
    3. Calgary Pace Setters Club (D23)
    4. Igniters (E6)
    5. Treasure Chest (B18)
    6. B.L.T. Toastmasters Club (B18)
    7. Heart of the Rockies (A1)
    8. WPTM Communicators (A10)
    9. MVP Advanced (A27)
    10. Connected Communicators Toastmasters Club (D2)
    11. Inspired Toastmasters (F29)

See detailed status per division HERE. 

  • From the above spreadsheet, there is a tab for each division that shows something like this:
  • From the sample screenshot above:
    – B.L.T. club has all their officers trained – 7 out of 7; and
    – Speaker’s Corner has three officers trained – VP Ed, VP PR, and Secretary; their President, VP Mem, Treasurer, and SAA have not attended the training.

As of Sep-19-2023:

  • 15+% overall.
  • The deadline is Nov-30 at midnight for this Round 1, however, it will be very helpful to our clubs to complete these club visits earlier as much as possible.

As of Apr-16-2023:

  • 52% of District 42 members are not engaged in Pathways (i.e., not enrolled or still in Level zero)
  • The % of members in each division who are not engaged in Pathways:
DivisionMembers from 2018Members prior to 2018Grand Total% not engaged in Pathways
  • The district-wide Pathways orientation is scheduled every month. All are encouraged to register here and join.

NOTE: There used to be a report published by TI called Pathways Adoption Report.  That report only shows the % of members who enrolled in Pathways, hence does not show the accurate % of members who are engaged in using the Pathways Education Program.   That report is discontinued last Oct-2022 by TI and they advised to use the Membership list report to properly capture a more accurate % of members who are not engaged in Pathways.  Hence, that is the report that we used to report the statistics above.

As of Apr-16-2023:

  • 42 clubs gained 5+ DCP goals; however only 17 clubs have achieved the membership requirement so far, to qualify for DCP status.
  • For more details, see this report: Leo Report for District 42

7 of 7 Awards

  • Congratulations to the following clubs who achieved it (updated on Apr-16-2023):
    1. MVP Advanced
    2. Heart of the Rockies
    3. Civil Speakers
    4. B.L.T. Toastmasters
    5. Connected Communicators
    6. Literally Speaking
    7. Calgary Pace Setters

Go-Getters Incentives Program

  • 35 clubs have 5+ DCP points as of Feb-25-2023.  We will review who achieved it as of Jan-31 to receive the incentives.

Triple Crown

Smedley Award

 Add 5 new, reinstated or dual members between August 1 to September 30 to qualify.

Clubs that have added 5 members or more:

  • Fifth Avenue Place – 5 members
  • Connected Communicators – 6 members
  • Fluor Communicators – 7 members
  • Kepler Astrologers – 6 members
  • ATB Ignite & Inspire – 5 members

Note: More incentives to add here soon.

As of Sept-29-2023:

**Renewals not here**


Low – Minimum requirement not yet met


Verified complete




  • Refer to TI’s report for the most up-to-date version.

As of Sep-19-2023:

Club Goal (107 clubs)CountPercent
Member qualification: 20+ OR +34239.3%
Member qualification: 20+ OR +53734.6%
  20+ members paid3734.6%
  +3 members from July 1 base1715.9%
  +5 members from July 1 base54.7%
Goal 1 (4 L1s)00.0%
Goal 2 (2 L2s)65.6%
Goal 3 (2 more L2s)00.0%
Goal 4 (2 L3s)54.7%
Goal 5 (1 L4, L5, or DTM)2321.5%
Goal 6 (1 more L4, L5, or DTM)109.3%
Goal 7 (4 new members)98.4%
Goal 8 (4 more new members)00.0%
Goal 9 (officers trained)00.0%
  4+ officers trained (Jun-Aug)7267.3%
  4+ officers trained (Nov-Feb)00.0%
Goal 10 (paperwork)5753.3%
  1+ dues renewals on time5955.1%
  1+ officer lists on time9790.7%
5-6 goals43.7%
7-8 goals00.0%
9-10 goals00.0%


Note: You can refer to this URL for a live report on this: https://reports2.toastmasters.org/

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