Slide Read More We set sail for the land of leadership in the last training.
Now, we want to hit the ground running at the shore.
This training is for the D42 Leadership Team. The focus is on equipping leaders with the practical tools and techniques,
not only for their responsibilities in D42 but leadership in general.
Slide Help Your Club Receive a Smedley Award.
Dr. Ralph Smedley founded Toastmasters in 1924, with a dream of building a network of educational clubs.
Before long, there was irrefutable evidence of clubs continuously operating at “charter strength” (20 or more members).
Furthermore, doing so enables a club to reach its potential. This helps it be the most beneficial to its members.
Because of attrition, each club continually needs new members.
Thus, we have the Smedley Award Membership Building Program.
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Slide All of us wanted to improve some area
of our life through Toastmasters. Clubs also strive to improve every year. Toastmasters provides a road map called the Distinguished Club Program (the DCP).
Following it makes DCP as easy to understand as 1, 2, 3!
Begin with DCP
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Slide Read More Club Treasurers, here are some great tips for making the club dues collection process a little easier:
Emphasize the importance of paying dues on time.
Start reminding club members as early as possible and reinforce
the benefits of the Toastmasters program.
If a member is not paid by their club treasurer as of September 30, it will affect
their eligibility to compete in the Fall Speech Contests, there is no longer a grace period.
Leverage technology to collect payments. Set up your club to accept e-transfers.
Slide 5 Club Contests will be held online for the 2020/2021 Toastmaster year. Set yourself up for success
by attending this training, become aware of what you need for planning, where you can find resources to help you, and how to
conduct the contest, online. This event will provide information from the point of view of the Contest Chair,
the Chief Judge, and the Tech Team.
Please have as many members from your club attend as possible…
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