Slide Read More Did you know, District 42 is on the radio? You might have already heard the ads in Calgary, Regina, and the surrounding areas. As Toastmasters, we continually learn to master the skill. Slide 5 Club Contests will be held online for the 2020/2021 Toastmaster year. Set yourself up for success
by attending this training, become aware of what you need for planning, where you can find resources to help you, and how to
conduct the contest, online. This event will provide information from the point of view of the Contest Chair,
the Chief Judge, and the Tech Team.
Please have as many members from your club attend as possible…
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Slide Read More There are a variety of ways to get points and EVERY club should have AT LEAST 5 DCP points every year. Slide In the opening line of the Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens opined, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

There is not a Toastmaster club in the world that would not agree with Dickens, considering COVID-19, employment layoffs, and working from home with kids draped around your shoulders. Our members are experiencing tough times. It definitely is the “worst of times.” At Dynamically Speaking we know this is true, but yet, for our club, it is also, “the best of times.”
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Welcome to District 42!

Proudly serving over 100 Toastmasters clubs in Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan, Canada – a majority in Calgary and Regina.
This website provides our members with information about upcoming events and important deadlines, as well as useful resources to navigate through the Toastmasters educational program.

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