Media guidelines and publication rules for Toastmasters District 42 are provided to help your content succeed online.

Website Blog Articles

  • D42 Blog Article Guidelines
    • 350 – 400 words
    • Choose a keyword and use it 2-3 times within the post
    • Include the keyword in the title as close to the beginning as possible
    • Insert two or three subheadings (at least one needs to use the keyword)
    • Make good use of transition words
    • Short sentences and paragraphs improve readability
    • Please include Toastmasters District 42 in it at least once
    • Do not use acronyms
  • Photo Guidelines
    • Include photos with your submissions. People like to see people, especially ones that they know. It builds connection.
    • Resolution should be at least 1200 x 627 pixels.
    • Don’t crop the subject too tightly. Websites adjust photos to display properly on different screen sizes
    • Provide photo credits when possible
  • Deadlines
    • One week prior to scheduled posting to website
    • Dispatch article submission – 15th of each month
  • Suggested Content
    • District News
    • Member Profiles
    • Member Achievements
    • Club Successes
    • Major Club Anniversary (5, 10, 15 etc…)

Calendar Entries

  • Event Title
  • Date
  • Start Time (include time zone)
  • End Time
  • Registration/Briefing time (if applicable) – required for contests
  • Location name including room (eg. Calgary Central Library – Patricia A Whelan Performance Hall)
  • Location Street Address to include City & State (even if a frequently used venue)
  • Any details regarding parking, entrances, etc…
  • Optional
    1. Agenda (sent as text, not a .pdf, .doc, or other attachment)
    2. Contact Information: Name / Phone Number / Email
  • Deadline – one month prior to scheduled event (this allows advertising time)
  • Content – District Events only (club events are marketed through their websites)
    • Exceptions – milestone events (e.g. major club anniversary)

Image Guidelines

  • Copyrighted images require permission
  • The Toastmasters Brand Manual directs that us to Please do not use cartoons, illustrations, or clip art in materials created for clubs, Areas, Divisions, Districts, and regions.
  • Please provide photo credit if possible
  • High-resolution images
  • .JPG or .JPEG format or .PNG
  • Do not stretch or skew images.
  • Do not crop subject too tight. Websites adjust photos to display properly on different screen sizes.
  • Make sure people’s faces are clearly visible (prior authorization from PRM is required for other images)
  • Do not add text or graphics to photos without consulting the editor.
  • All photos should be tasteful and properly represent Toastmasters International and follow proper Toastmasters International branding and policy.
  • The District PRM has the responsibility to monitor and protect the brand and therefore may deny the use of certain images.
  • Captions
    • Supply a caption
    • Caption should include the first and last name of each person in the image (excluding “background” people)
    • Captions do not count toward article word count (if applicable)
    • When caption text is inline with the provided article, clearly indicate it is a caption and reference which image it goes with.
    • Photo credits when possible
  • Headshots
    • Minimum 1200 w x 1600 h pixels
    • Will be cropped to a 3:4 ratio
    • Traditional headshot preferred (ie, not cropped out of a group photo)

Social Media Post Guidelines

  • Post on your club sites and pages first.
  • Once we share it on D42 Social Media pages, please like, comment and promote
  • Must include photo that meets standard in the image section of this document
  • Maximum of 120 words
  • If there is an article or other web link, please include that in the text
  •  Optional
    • Include a CTA (Call to action). This tends to generate a higher reach.(Reach is defined as the number of people who see the Facebook post)
  • Deadline – minimum one week prior to desired posting date
  • Suggested Content
    • District News
    • Member Profiles
    • Member Achievements
    • Major Club Anniversary (5, 10, 15 etc…)


  • Create event on FB, tag D42
  • Email PRM/Social Media Chair with request to share
  • If it does not meet the Guidelines, please make changes and update us again
  • Once we share it on D42 Facebook page, please Like, Comment and promote by sharing

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