Mentorship is an integral part of Toastmasters, with benefits that reach far beyond the club meeting. Thus, the Pathways Mentor Program is designed to help you build and reinforce the skills needed to provide a positive mentoring experience for protégés. There are four projects associated with the program with the first, Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring, included in Level 2 of all Paths.  After a member completes Level 2, the optional Pathways Mentor Program appears in Base Camp. 

Hence, the main program is comprised of three projects that must be completed sequentially. The projects cover a range of topics from understanding your role as a mentor through a comprehensive assignment that includes a mentoring commitment lasting six months. The projects include the following:

  • Prepare to Mentor
  • Mentoring
  • Advanced Mentoring

In addition to completing the three projects in the Pathways Mentor Program detailed here, before applying for recognition as a Pathways Mentor, a member must complete a full path in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience.

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Prepare to Mentor Project

This project focuses on helping you clarify your personal goals and interests as they relate to mentoring others.

Purpose: The project purpose is to spend time learning about your goals. Also, your interest in being a mentor, and your readiness to begin to work with a protégé.

Overview: Complete the self-evaluation resources included in this project. When you are ready, have a discussion with your Vice President Education about being a Toastmasters mentor. Afterwards, submit the Project Completion Form to your Vice President Education to verify to indicate you completed all forms included in this project.

Thus, this project includes:

  • The Mentor Self-Assessment resource
  • Meeting with the vice president education to discuss your readiness to mentor
  • No speech associated with this project.

Mentoring Project

This project focuses on facilitating a short-term mentoring assignment to help you build your skills as a mentor.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to apply your mentoring skills to a short-term mentoring assignment.

Overview: Work with a protégé to complete a project. Your Vice President Education will help match you with a fellow Toastmaster who is interested in working with someone for a single project. Assist the protégé in setting goals and developing a plan for completing his or her project. Also, use the forms included in this project to set goals, plan, and give and receive feedback. After your mentorship, deliver a 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting about your first experience as a Toastmasters mentor and what you learned from it.

This project includes:

  • Working with a protégé to complete a project
  • The Protégé Success Plan resource
  • The Mentoring Communication Tracking Log
  • The Protégé Self-Assessment
  • The Mentor Evaluation resource
  • A 5- to 7-minute speech

Advanced Mentoring Project

The final project supports you in accomplishing a six-month term as a mentor.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to apply skills during a long-term mentoring commitment.

Overview: Fulfill the role of mentor for a fellow Toastmaster or other person for a period of six months. In addition, communicate regularly with your protégé, record meeting dates and times, and give and receive feedback both verbally and in writing. Then, at the end of your commitment, present a 5- to 7-minute speech to your club about what you gained. Consequently, this speech is about you and your experience.

This project includes:

  • A six-month mentoring commitment
  • The Mentor Communication Tracking Log
  • The Mentor Evaluation
  • The Protégé Success Plan
  • The Monthly Goal Check resource
  • A 5- to 7-minute speech

District 42 has created a frequently asked questions sheet. You can access this file here.

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