Speech Contests are part of a long-time tradition with Toastmasters. We are pleased to announce the Toastmasters District 42 and Division International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest winners. 

The winners of the Division contests will be posted as they finish. All the winners will advance to compete in the District 42 Finals. Plan to attend the District Competition at District 42 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE Conference 2024.

District International Speech Contest Winners

Division International Speech Contest Winners

Division A International Speech Contests 

  1. Russ Dantu (MVP Advanced)
  2. Vincenzo Aliberti (Heart of the Rockies)
  3. Tony Jin (Twin Rivers Club)

Division B International Speech Contests 

  1. Sara Tariq (Weekend Wordmasters)
  2. Connie Paus (Wild Oats)
  3. Miranda Carlberg (Queen City Toasters)

Division C International Speech Contests 

  1. Cindy Hands (Speak Upside)
  2. Hayley Silberg (Hybrid Communicators)
  3. Dagmar Jamieson (CanOrators)

Division D International Speech Contests 

  1. Olanari Okungbowa (Fluor Communicators)
  2. Samantha Bonwick (Dynamically Speaking)
  3. Sandra Boszko (Calgary Pace Setters)

Division E International Speech Contests 

  1. Michael Nunn (To the Point Club)
  2. Meghna Bhagat (Kepler Astrologers)
  3. Lina Liu (Literally Speaking)

Division F International Speech Contests 

  1. Adolfo Bautista (ShawMasters)
  2. Kanak Khare (LIV Ad-Libs)
  3. Carol Whyte (ATB Ignite And Inspire)

District Evaluation Contest Winners

Division Evaluation Contest Winners

Division A Evaluation Contest

  1. Polina Arapov (Cranston Communicators)
  2. Russ Dantu (MVP Advanced)
  3. Theresa Schnider (Calgary International Toastmasters)

Division B Evaluation Contest

  1. Michele Fisher (UR Toastmasters)
  2. Dawn Thomas-Cameron (Downtowners)
  3. Sara Tariq (Weekend Wordmasters)

Division C Evaluation Contest

  1. Eliyya Shukeir (Speak Upside)
  2. Sanjoy Mallick (CanOrators)
  3. Victor Diec (Toast Of The Town)

Division D Evaluation Contest

  1. Richard Lee-Thai (Connected Communicators)
  2. Sandra Wigg (Dynamically Speaking)
  3. Sharon Spaargaren (Fish Creek Bravehearts)

Division E Evaluation Contest

  1. Jeff Knight (Igniters Club)
  2. George Imevbore (Speakers Edge Club)
  3. Brennin Evans (Speakers Edge Club)

Division F Evaluation Contest

  1. Saya Sanyal (Inspired Toastmasters)
  2. Carol Whyte (ATB Ignite And Inspire)
  3. Katherine Martens


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