There are a variety of ways to get points and EVERY club should have AT LEAST 5 DCP points every year.

Let’s start with the easiest points.

Administration – DCP Point

A club gets 1 DCP point by submitting a club officer list by the end of June; plus, by submitting 1 set of club dues (by Sept 30 or by March 31) for at least 8 members (the numbers of dues required to be an active club).  A club can be late with dues in one of those periods and still get a DCP point but the best clubs are on time for both rounds. 

Unfortunately, unpaid members will not have access to Pathways until dues are paid, SO always pay on time!!   The officer list should always be up to date allowing guests to contact your club through Toastmasters International.  In addition, the District has contact information to work with your club executive. 

Training – DCP Points

Every club elects a club executive, either once a year or twice a year.   The club executive are the members who generously give extra time to ensure everything runs smoothly at your club.  You can support your club’s success by taking on one of these roles or by supporting your executive when they ask for your help. 

These club officers need to be trained to understand their responsibilities.  Therefore, the district team arranges training twice a year.  However, training isn’t just for club officers.  ALL toastmasters should attend training to see experienced speakers deliver interesting, informative, and inspiring presentations. Doing so enriches your Toastmaster experience. Now it is even easier to attend as training takes place online. 

Clubs that train a minimum of 4 out of 7 club officer positions in BOTH rounds offered from June to August and November to February receive a DCP point.   All of your club officers should be trained and all toastmasters should go to training with them!   Attend as many training sessions as you like!

Membership – DCP Points

People become a Toastmaster members for many reasons.  They also leave for a variety of reasons – their job changed, they moved, they no longer have the time, or they achieved what they wanted to achieve etc. It is usual for clubs to lose 30% of their members every year. 

Since clubs will routinely lose members, it’s important for clubs to ALWAYS be looking for new members.  Find ways to invite guests to meetings on a regular basis.  Always ask guests what they think of the meeting and invite them to join.  Clubs get a DCP point for the first 4 guests that join every year and a second DCP point for the next 4 new members the club recruits.  New members are often very excited about starting toastmasters and bringing new energy and enthusiasm to a club so they are important in what they have to contribute to every meeting!

Education – DCP Points

All Toastmaster members improve their communication and leadership skills, and confidence in their skills by working within the Pathways education program.  We have 11 exciting paths to choose from!   Every member of the club should be enrolled in the Pathways program and working on achieving their next level.  Furthermore, every level completed earns a DCP credit for your club.  

There are several ways to get DCP education points.  Clubs get a DCP point when 4 members complete level 1, when 2 members complete level 2, when another 2 members complete level 2, when 2 members complete level 3, when a member completes a level 4, 5 or DTM or when another member completes a level 4, 5 or DTM.  Every time a member completes a level the club should find a way to celebrate that achievement.  You can present a certificate, bring in treats, give a coffee card – celebrate any way your club would like!   But achieving levels in Pathways is important to the members and the club’s success!!

If you want to learn more about the importance of the DCP check out the excellent webinar by Lynette Theriault DTM – It’s Not About the Points.

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