District 42 Hall of Fame

The following pages outline the ‘pride’ of District 42, those who have made significant contributions to the District, and those who have demonstrated excellence in many of the cornerstones of Communication and Leadership.

These pages showcase those members of our District who have been recognized on the International level of Toastmasters International, as well as those who have been recognized by our own District.

Brief History of District 42

District 42 brief historyThe first Toastmasters club established in District 42 was the Wascana Club #577 in Regina in March 1948. Following that, Twin Rivers Club #667 was chartered in Calgary in December 1948. Several years went by before the Saskatoon Club #450 was founded in March 1952.

Edmonton launched its first club, Northern Lights Club #489, in March 1953. Soon after that new clubs began to sprout, such as Prince Albert Club #1318 in October 1953 and Camrose Club #1432 in December 1953.

At that time, the above-mentioned clubs were all under the jurisdiction of District 20, the North Dakota and Manitoba areas. At a conference held in Moorehead, Minnesota on April 25, 1953, a resolution was adopted to divide the District in two – one in Canada, the other in the United States. This was subsequently ratified at the International Convention, on July 1, 1954.

George R. Tatlock of Winnipeg became the District Governor of District 42. The District at that time consisted of 17 clubs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Club growth continued. On July 1, 1959, the District split, with District 64 being created to encompass Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. A. Ernie Pallister, of Calgary, was elected the first District Governor for the geographical area we know today as District 42. Bow Valley Club #1494, “Y” Club #2478, Chinook Club #1448, Foothills Club #3078 and Plains Club #3144, were added to the roster of prestigious clubs.

From this nucleus, District 42 has grown to almost 300 clubs, whereby World Headquarters recommended splitting the District and on July 1, 2016 split into District 42 (Southern Alberta & Southern Saskatchewan) and District 99 (Northern Alberta & Northern Saskatchewan). District 42 is proud to be recognized throughout the world for its energy, enthusiasm and excellence.

1954-55 George Tatlock
1955-56 Elwood Gorrie
1956-57 Byron Jones
1957-58 George Cameron
1958-59 Berk McGibbon
1959-60 A. Ernie Pallister
1960-61 Roy V. Maber
1961-62 Cec J. Primeau
1962-63 Peter Podmaroff
1963-64 Steven Varro
1964-65 Robert D. Kerr
1965-66 Bruce Godwin ATM
1966-67 Al B. Ripley
1967-68 Harold C. Bickel ATM
1968-69 Ron M. Chapman DTM
1969-70 Harry G. Shuttleworth, DTM
1970-71 Eugene Thompson DTM
1971-72 Al Fahlman DTM
1972-73 Robert L.Jones ATM
1973-74 Fred G. Lawson DTM*
1974-75 John Koyko DTM
1975-76 Russ A. Holmberg DTM
1976-77 Jim Thompson ATM*
1977-78 Neil Wilkinson DTM*
1978-79 Al Munroe DTM*
1979-80 Peter Kossowan DTM**
1980-81 Irene B. Murray DTM
1981-82 Rick Sydor DTM*
1982-83 Everett W. Ritson DTM**
1983-84 W. Peter Francis DTM*
1984-85 Ken Tanner DTM***
1985-86 Helgi Goodman DTM**
1986-87 Melodye Kunnas ATM***
1987-88 Carol Blair DTM*
1988-89 Majeed Mustapha DTM*
1989-90 Clif Skrypnyk DTM
1990-91 Elizabeth Pasieka DTM**
1991-92 David Fulton DTM*
1992-93 Dona Wheaton DTM
1993-94 Flo Mawson DTM*
1994-95 Buffy da Silva, DTM
1995-96 Larry Andrews, DTM
1996-97 Tim Lambert, ATM
1997-98 Brad Korbo, DTM*
1998-99 Danie Hardie, DTM
1999-2000 Linda Hawk, DTM
2000-01 Karen Egge, DTM*
2001-02 Drew Kirk, DTM
2002-03 Jacquie Schnider, DTM
2003-04 Barry Matthews, DTM
2004-05 Mavis Oberding, DTM
2005-06 Troy Wruck, DTM
2006-07 Mona Cooley, DTM*
2007-08 Larry Verbitsky, DTM
2008-09 Joan McAulay, DTM*
2009-10 Tim Hubick, ATM-G
2010-11 Greg Gazin, DTM

* Distinguished District
** Select Distinguished District
*** President’s Distinguished District

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Toastmasters International Awards

The Excellence in Education and Training Award, begun in 1991-92 by Toastmasters International, is awarded to the Lt. Governor Education and Training for achieving and exceeding Distinguished District Program goals in training and educational accomplishments.

The Excellence in Marketing Award, begun in 1991-92 by Toastmasters International, is awarded to the Lt. Governor Marketing for achieving and exceeding Distinguished District Program goals in Club Extension and membership growth.

The President’s Extension Award is awarded to the Top 3 Districts each year that have achieved the highest net growth in the number of Clubs.

The President’s 20+ Award is awarded to the Top 3 Districts each year that have achieved the highest percentage of Clubs at charter strength of 20 or more members.

1984-85 – Ken Tanner, DTM

The Presidential Citation is awarded to individuals by the International President, in recognition of outstanding contribution, achievement, service and dedication toward the goals and ideals of Toastmasters International. It is one of Toastmasters’ highest honours.

Peter Kossowan DTM (100+ Clubs, recognized by Toastmasters International)

Toastmasters International Awards Recipients

(District 42 Bulletin – “Prairie Horizons”)

1968-69   Jim Miller, editor of Prairie Horizons

District 42 Award Recipients

The Al B. Ripley Trophy is awarded annually to the Toastmaster in District 42 who achieves and maintains the highest standard of excellence as a member of Toastmasters International for the last year’s activities. This individual is the Toastmaster who most exemplifies the ideal Toastmaster. The winner is determined by action within the club, action within the District and action within the community.

Past Winners of the Al. B. Ripley Trophy

The Al Fahlman Trophy is awarded annually to recognize and honour that new Toastmaster in District 42 who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Toastmasters standard of excellence. That Toastmaster will have shown improved performance in communication skills and will have contributed in other ways to the Toastmasters organization. The member must be a new member, not a dual, transfer or reinstated member. The winner receives the Al Fahlman trophy, a memorial award established by the Fahlman family.

Past Winners of the Al Fahlman Trophy


The Club President of the Year Award, designated as the Neil Wilkinson Trophy, was created to recognize and honour a Club member who, through leadership and personal example, while serving as a Club President, has made an outstanding contribution to his or her Club and, therefore, to Toastmasters International. This award was initiated during the 1995-96 District Year in honour of the Distinguished Service of Neil Wilkinson and in recognition of his term as President of Toastmasters International.

Past Winners of the Neil Wilkinson Trophy


The purpose of this award is to recognize and honour the Club Bulletin Editor who achieves and maintains the highest standard of publication. The winning bulletin is determined by a combination of three factors: Readability (20%), Layout/Presentation (20%), and Content (60%).

Past Winners of the Best Club Bulletin Award


The Herb Ashley award is to recognize and honour that club newsletter and editor(s) in District 42 that achieve and maintain the highest standard of publication or that website and webmaster(s) in District 42 that achieve and maintain the highest standard of a website.

This award was created to replace the Best Club Bulletin Award. It is named after Herb Ashley in recognition of his promotion of Toastmasters through the Toastmaster Talk television program he hosted.

Past Winners of the Herb Ashley

2011-12 WAAMtastic, #1427227, Shelley Goldbeck
2012-13 WAAMtastic, #1427227, Shelley Goldbeck
2013-14 Fluor Communicators, #3950, Wanda Weston
2014-15 Beaumont, #7999, Nick Wilson
2015-16 Toast of the Town, #9674, Joanne Smith
2016-17 Woodland Communicators, Linda Holmevik
2017-18 Adam Formanek 2018-19 Jospeph Khoury
2019-20 Nicholas Wilson DTM 2020-21 Brenda Georget DTM

The Cec Pepper Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the Area Governor in District 42 who achieves and maintains the highest standards of excellence in the performance of his or her duties in that office. The winner is determined based on the nominee’s actions with the individual Clubs, the Area, the Division and the District.

Past Winners of the Cec Pepper Memorial Trophy

1968-69 Dave Francis
1969-70 Ernie Sangret
1970-71 John Koyko
1971-72 Gerry Dubord
1972-73 Garry Guedo
1973-74 Peter Kossowan
1974-75 Charlie Vandermark
1975-76 Herb Clark
1976-77 Ray Gall
1977-78 Jim Wells
1978-79 Rick Sydor
1979-80 Ken Tanner
1980-81 Kathie Pendrigh
1981-82 Helgi Goodman
1982-83 Wayne Rutten
1983-84 Joe Calenda
1984-85 Ron Kelly
1985-86 Anna Amadouny
1986-87 Jim Phelps
1987-88 Larry Andrews
1988-89 Millie Kossowan
1989-90 Buffy da Silva
1990-91 David Wing
1991-92 Julie Hushagen
1992-93 Karen Egge
1993-94 Robin Deslauriers
1994-95 Sharon Freeman
1995-96 Linda Hawk
1996-97 Bill Wickson
1997-98 Karen Haggarty
1998-99 Molly Strickland
1999-2000 Dave Rodwell
2000-01 Dayle Bowman
2001-02 Dan McCosh
2002-03 Darlene Davies
2003-04 Nandini Venkatesan
2004-05 Leigh Mumford
2005-06 Greg Gazin
2006-07 Myrna Cretny
2007-08 Shelley Musfelt
2008-09 Satish Pandya
2009-10 Sam Barua
2010-11 Lorraine Wheatley
2011-12 Val Erickson
2012-13 Carisa David
2013-14 Mary Schoendorfer
2014-15 Shelley Goldbeck
2015-16 John Markowski
2016-17 Lisa Harron
2017-18 Dotun Eliezer
2018-19 Janie-Rae Gaudett
2019-20 Robert Challborn IP2
2020-21 Girish Kamath PI

Selection of this award is by the District Governor and shall be that Division Governor who provided the most assistance and support to the District Governor during the given year. The winner receives the John Koyko Trophy. This award was established in honour of Past District Governor John Koyko.

Past Winners of the John Koyko Trophy

1974-75 Jim Thompson
1975-76 Ben Waldron
1976-77 Irene Murray
1977-78 Ray Gall
1978-79 Frank Abbey
1979-80 Brian Papineau
1980-81 Ken Tanner
1981-82 Eugenie Bobier
1982-83 Phyllis Papineau
1983-84 Lanny Coulson
1984-85 Darlene Bell
1985-86 Clif Skrypnyk
1986-87 Elizabeth Pasieka
1987-88 Kathy Hoenecke
1988-89 Flo Mawson
1989-90 Kathie Pendrigh
1990-91 Buffy da Silva
1991-92 Emma Collins
1992-93 Tim Lambert
1993-94 Margaret Bobowski
1994-95 Brad Korbo
1995-96 Judy Dufort
1996-97 Spencer Silver
1997-98 Jacquie Schnider
1998-99 Barry Matthews
1999-2000 Connie Paus
2000-01 Troy Wruck
2001-02 Anne Stewart
2002-03 Irene May
2003-04 Michelle Devlin
2004-05 Lynne Christenson
2005-06 Judy Mooney
2006-07 Carol Edwards
2007-08 Stephen Larocque
2008-09 Dave Cartledge
2009-10 Don Francis
2010-11 Alice Elliott
2011-12 Doris Henn
2012-13 Geetha Nicodemus
2013-14 John Bauer
2014-15 Catherine Secundiak
2015-16 Jeannette Caldwell
2016-17 Teresa Young
2017-18 Omar Nef
2018-19 Mark Terpstra
2019-20 Angelika Lukasevics DTM
2020-21 Linda Holmevik DTM

The District Citation Award was created to recognize and reward members for outstanding contributions to the organization that further the Toastmaster spirit and ideals, which are not otherwise recognized through existing District and International programs. Recipients receive a personalized green and gold name badge and have their name placed on the District Citation Banner. Recipients are chosen through a nomination process by the Past District Governors Advisory Committee. In order to maintain the standard of excellence for this award, this committee may choose not to present this award every year.

The Communication and Leadership Award was established to honour a leading citizen in the District for his or her communication and leadership skills. The Communication and Leadership Award recognizes that citizen who specifically demonstrates these skills in the field of their expertise and in the community.

Past Communication and Leadership Award Recipients

Past District 42 Speech Contest Winners

(In 2009 the Regional Contest was replaced with the Semifinal speech contests at the International Convention)

District International Speech Contest

(In 1992 the contest was switched from Fall to Spring)

International Top Ten Club Bulletin

The purpose of the Peter Kossowan Trophy is to recognize and honour the Toastmaster in District 42 who has made outstanding contributions to membership building in the previous year by sponsoring new members and new clubs. The award is based on one point for each new, dual or reinstated member and five points for each new club, mentor or sponsor. This trophy was dedicated under Peter Kossowan’s name in 1994. This award was discontinued after 2006.

Past Winners of the Peter Kossowan Trophy

The Golden Lectern is a wooden, hand-crafted lectern. It is presented to the club which contributes the most through their attendance and enthusiasm to making the annual District 42 Spring Convention a success. Over the years, the Golden Lectern came to be one of the most coveted awards. This award was retired after 1995.

Past Winners of the Golden Lectern Award

This award was retired after the Distinguished Club Program was revised in 1999-2000. Previously, the election of the best Club was based solely on the points of the Distinguished Club Program for the Club year. The winner was awarded the Ron Chapman Standard of Excellence, a banner stand for their use at Club meetings for the succeeding year.

Past Winners of the Ron Chapman Standard of Excellence

The President’s International Top Five Distinguished Club award is presented to those Clubs that finish their Club year in the Top Five of their membership category (under 20 members, 20-29 members, 30-39 members, 40 or more members). Placement is determined by points attained in the Distinguished Club program each year. Due to changes in the DCP as of July 1, 1999, this recognition is no longer awarded.

The Distinguished Club program promotes achievement in the areas of Educational achievement, membership, Club building, Club leadership and Club communication. To earn Distinguished status, the club must end the year with at least 20 members, and reach certain accomplishment standards. Based on the Club membership level on July 1 each year, the following clubs achieved distinction as the Top Club in their Membership category.

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