Igniters Club - Increasing Membership Tips

1. Prompt friendly Emails – email from VP Membership sent within that day. Welcome email – invite to next meeting, Pathways (screenshot 11 Paths), Blog link (testimonials, member achievements, mentoring), Club info meeting info, and zoom link. We learned to put Mountain Standard Time as guests can visit from anywhere! VP Ed sends agenda. Reminder email to guests the day before the meeting. Follow up emails about their experience and invite them to the next meeting.

2. Club Meetings – fun, friendly, and we laugh a lot. Strong supportive feedback. Members and especially new members are recognized for stepping up and taking on new roles. Members have embraced Pathways and are working on their goals. In fact, at times, it was the newer members who were keen and seasoned members followed their lead! 

3. After the Meetings – guests are invited to find out more and ask questions. Membership Committee and Mentoring Coordinator share the value of Mentoring Teams and share benefits of Igniters and how they have grown. This is a time to help guests feel comfortable with any nervousness and how the club will support them. We have had 12 new members in the past four months. New members also come to ask questions. Guests can relate to new members.

 As our membership grows at Igniters, we are adapting our Mentoring program and making adjustments within our meeting. We continue to Ignite Spirits with strong teamwork and support our member’s needs.

Our club is looking forward to seeing the new members grow and supporting them on their journeys.

Nandini Venkatesan,
Igniter Club – VP Membership

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