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CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to log into Toastmasters International.

Contact your Pathways Guide if you have questions!

Find your Club Ambassador and Guide HERE (Excel File) or HERE (PDF File).  

Visit the Toastmasters International Pathways webpage for more information.


Why are we getting a new education program?

In the 2010 strategic plan, the Toastmasters Board of Directors called for the education program to be revitalized. The Board stressed the need to modernize the communication track as well as renew the focus on leadership learning in the leadership track.

The traditional education program has served Toastmasters for many years. However, much of the communication track hasn’t been updated since the 1970s.

How is Pathways different?

The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is not a departure from the current program, because it builds on the established educational foundation. Pathways is a modernized learning experience suited to our changing global society. It offers you more benefits and more opportunities to learn, grow and meet personal and professional goals. You now have the opportunity to develop additional skills you can use not just in your club, but at your job or in your community as well.

If you would like to learn more about the history and development of Pathways, watch this video series.

How do I find out more?

Attend club officer training to learn more about the program (events are posted here). Each club will also be assigned an Ambassador and a Pathways Guide to help keep you informed and teach you the new program. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Ambassadors Pathways Guides
Provide leadership and build excitement for Pathways by inspiring, educating and supporting you, the members within our district.

  • Jan-Aug: Present information at Club Officer Training; Division and Area Events
  • Jan/Feb: Present an 8-10 min speech at the club
  • Mar/Apr: Official Club Visit with Pathways Guide
    • 45-60 min Information Session at the club
  • May/Jul: Present information at Club Officer Training; Monitor Pathways adoption rates; Celebrate member successes!
Work closely with the Chief Ambassador and Program Quality Director while partnering with an Ambassador to visit each club and prepare you for the arrival of Pathways.

  • Feb/Mar: Learn the Pathways Program
  • Mar/Apr: Official Club Visit with Ambassador
    • Distribute resources to every club
  • Apr-Jul: Work with Club VP Education to teach Pathways Program and “Base Camp” (Tool for Managing Educational Submissions)
    • Multiple virtual support sessions (via Zoom)

Find your Club Ambassador and Guide HERE (Excel File) or HERE (PDF File).  

Visit the Toastmasters International Pathways webpage for more information.


Hear members share their Pathways experience…


District 57 was one of the first Districts to rollout Pathways.  Visit District 57 website for additional resources:

Overview Material

Welcome New Members

  • Membership Application Form
    • Membership Application Form has been updated to reflect what is included in the new member fee (one free Path and online Naviator access).
  • Pathways Navigator (PDF)
    • Your guide to getting started in Toastmasters and Pathways


Last Updated: Program Quality Director, Catherine Secundiak DTM – 2018-05-24