Stories of Inspiration & Success


You have a unique Toastmaster journey. It’s quite the story.

Stories are an essential part of life. In Toastmasters we are encouraged to share personal stories to enhance our prepared speeches. Inspiring stories give us the hope that we too might succeed.

We’re looking for personal stories which inspire, offer hope, and encourage the reader, viewer or listener to create their own success story with Toastmasters.


Your Story will be featured on the D42 website and Social Media Channels

Stories should be Short | Inspirational | Clear

Using the Then-Now-How method:

  1. Where were you before Toastmasters (then)? 
  2. Where are you now?
  3. How did you get there?

Submissions should answer one or more of the following questions.

  • How have Toastmasters changed you personally or professionally?
  • Who has been a source of hope and inspiration?
  • Who have you helped to achieve personal or professional success?

Ways To Submit Your Story

  • Submit a written story using one of our templates.
  • Create and submit  a 1-2 minute “YouTube” style video
  • Create and submit a brief  narrated slideshow presentation
  • Click on the Submission Guidebook for more information

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