August 1 – September 30, 2020

Help Your Club Receive a Smedley Award

Dr. Ralph Smedley founded Toastmasters in 1924, with a dream of building a network of educational clubs. Before long, there was irrefutable evidence of clubs continuously operating at “charter strength” (20 or more members). Furthermore, doing so enables a club to reach its potential. This helps it be the most beneficial to its members. Because of attrition, each club continually requires needs new members. Thus, we have a why for the Smedley Award Membership Building Program.

Help your club add five new, dual, or reinstated members with a join date between August 1 and September 30. All it requires is a simple invitation and followup conversation. When you help your club accomplish  this goal, it qualifies to receive a “Smedley Award” ribbon, to display on your club’s banner.

You are the key to openning doors of opportunity for others.

The Benefits of Club Growth

More members, provide:

  • Better club programs with additional varied experiences and resources to draw upon
  • Enhanced club leadership
  • Extra enthusiasm at meetings
  • Better Toastmaster representation in your community or organization
  • More people served and helped by Toastmasters’ programs

By recognizing and rewarding clubs, Toastmasters encourages participation in the Smedley program. It provides an excellent benchmark; provides incentive for clubs to demonstrate how dynamic the club is and how members benefit. It’s also demonstrates strong leadership. Recruiting new members is an excellent skill applicable in to other activities, such as business, jobs, and community.

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