Meeting Hosts:

  • Bev Leblanc (District Director)
  • Eugene Sicat (Program Quality Director)
  • Daisy Wei (Club Growth Director)

Facilitator: Keith Lee DTM, PDD


Mary Schoendorfer AM, Vesna Ivkovic, Daisy Wei CGD, District Director Bev LeBlanc, Eugene Sicat PQD, Ron MacTavish, Akiko Cartwright AD, Alexander Foisy, Ali Haider, Alwa Majzoub DD, Ann Nakaska, Anna Starkova, Antoinette McNeil, Bev Swan, Bev Ward, Blake Palmer, Bob Rogers D42 Parliamentarian, Brad Camroux, Braden Bennett, Brian Fegan, Brigitte Lessard, Carol Dyte, Carolyn Kaldy PDD, Catherine Secondiak RA4, Cathy Morell, Chelsea Nelson AD, Dan Lonechild DD, Dave Cartledge AD, Dave Dyck, Deb Walker, Debbie Stearns, Dennis Kerber, Elaini Blante, Emma Glover, Ellen Lambert, Erin Radford, Greg Buccini, Indrani Welner-Monchuk, Irma Goosen, Jackie Harbidge, Jacqueline Schnider PID, Jessica Dubiel, Jill Burnell, Jocelyn Hastie PDD, Jonathan Wells, Jovana Ivkovic, Judy Arnall, Kanak Khare, Karen Roberts, Katrina Aburrow IPDD, Kathy Ervin AD, Kathy Tam, Keith Lee PDD, Kevin Verberk, Laura Chambers-Smith, Laurel Kobo, Leanne Woodhouse, Liz Chavez, Lorna Arnold, Marcy Field, Marissha Gillian, Marvin Henry, Michelle Fisher AD, Molly Hamilton, Mona Cooley PDD, Nandini Venkatesan, Nicole Gettle, Paul Dixon, Paul Ludier, Peter Thompson, Rayanne Rodier, Russ Dantu, Sharon Spaargaren, Shelley Hoye, Stacey Kaminski PRM, Stephanie Northcott, Susan Mercer-Thornhill, Syamal Gore, Trevor Dreher, Valerie Erickson, Wendie Swirski, Wendy Ireland AD, Yvonne Heerema.

Review of Ground Rules: Eugene Sicat, PQD

  • Each person will be given 2 to 3 minutes to deliver their points.
  • When you speak, state your name and where you live.
  • Only one person speaks at a time, as called upon by the facilitator.
  • Speakers may be limited to new speakers at the discretion of the facilitator.
  • All points should be germane to the topic.

Guiding Principles: Respectful listening. Prevent conflict and misunderstanding. Build trust and a sense of safety among the group participants.


  • This is not a Business Meeting
  • There will be no vote
  • We will not be proposing motions, amendments, etc. but rather a sharing of opinions, experiences and perspectives.

The decision will be made at a DEC meeting in July.
Bev Leblanc, District Director: Respectful discussion to inform District leaders of your perspective.

Topic: To address volunteer (leaders and officers) fatigue, particularly with contests.

Participants comments:

Jocelyn Hastie, High River TM: Do not minimize skills addressed in other contests, suggest 2 contests in Spring.
Kathy Ervin, ADE19 Speakers Edge: Members voice the value of seeing skills, and getting out of the club. Suggest resources for roles, test speakers, to minimize “beating the bushes”; other ideas to decrease work on the contest?
Syamal Gore, WPTM TM, benefit/headaches! Many contests attended, see the same leadership team running them. Beyond the club only about 5% of members attend contests. Suggest 90% of leadership time supports 10% of members. Contests need a new framework to develop higher member benefit.
Molly Hamilton, MVP, is in favour of keeping all contests, members are engaged to participate in different contests.
Carolyn Kaldy, Canorators, in favour of all 4 contests, suggests delegation and teamwork.
Laura Chambers-Smith, Inspired, believes TM was meant to be in person and this is the answer.
Kevin Verberk: Connected Communicators, addresses member’s needs (practice in English)
Marvin Henry, CATS and Igniters, exp with D99 judges database, it is self input database/Tool. Suggestion: Networking, communication, delegation, teamwork. In-person events are successful for networking. Suggest this also for club leaders, executive roles and contest roles.
Deb Walker, FCC Stubble Jumpers, Treasure Chest, in favour of all 4 contests, the best way to hone and focus on skills, suggests mentoring for ADs before taking on the role.
Russ Dantu, MVP, many benefits – competing and helping, Lance Miller quote: TM stands on 3 pillars: leadership, communication and contests; Contests set D42 apart. A strong belief is that eliminating contests will lose members. Must find a way to help District leaders w/o eliminating contests.
Marg Ustupski, BLT Advanced, Downtowners, TAP; consider the amount of change from TI, Pathways, eligibility and COVID impact, our world has changed in many ways let’s address all of those ways and deal with it in a positive way.
Kanak Khare, Literally Speaking, for contests. This is the only way to improve. Suggest having Table Topics and Evaluation go to the Area level. Humorous to the District level.
Ellen Lambert, Igniters, for contests, see contests as a way into Leadership. Suggestions: 3 contests in Spring, joint contests – more contestants shared officials, combine training and contest event.
Brian Fegan, Waters Edge, Spring contests yes, leaders do not know roles with the fall contests – club leaders and District leaders. Serious issues with small clubs and no DCP point clubs. Help these clubs. Do not put all these resources into contests in the fall.
Marcy Field, Fluor Communicators, supporting TI policy and procedure (one Conference and all contests finals at the Spring contest).
Rayanne Rodier, Fish Creek Bravehearts, the opportunity for Area fall contests in TT and Eval, must be a member less than 3 years. Competed to not judge.
Judy Arnall, Glenmore RSVP, we all seem to like contests here, not scrapping contests, but making it workable.
Mona Cooley, Igniters, What was the process in getting to this point and having the reaction? Deeper symptom. Appreciate this forum, what ways can we meet the needs of the District?
Alexander Foisey, new TM, has not had a contest opportunity, Drawn to TM because of the variety of contests. Encourage ways and systems to lessen the load on leaders and contest organizers.
Dan Lonechild, URTM, Level 2 eligibility challenge, member number challenge, must help new members to complete Level 2. Suggest fewer contests.
Emma Glover, Healthy Living, Delegation is the key, big learning as AD is how to not do all the work.
Nandini Venkatesan, Igniters, there are solutions to every challenge, let’s focus on the challenge of workload for these leaders. The tradition of 4 contests for 25 years because of value to members.
Ann Nakaska, September is a really busy time for clubs, contests are a big struggle, respect for benefits of contests. Suggestion: 3 contests per year in the Spring.
Ron MacTavish, Connected Communicators, Contests create excellence, TI August 2022 CEO report: Club numbers down 10%, members down 23%, President Distinguished Clubs down 36%. TI is shrinking, Suggest we find 3 rd way. 
Daisy Wei CGD, I see your energy and enthusiasm! Change is good. I see you, hear you, and care about you!
Eugene Sicat PQD, I have participated in contests in all ways. Thank you for your suggestions.
Bev Leblanc District Director, not against contests, it is about weighing the benefits of contests against the time commitment of organizers and volunteers.

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