2023 - 2024 District Leaders

Daisy Wei, DTM
Daisy Wei, DTM

D42 District Director – Daisy Wei, DTM

District Director is the District’s top leadership position. They work closely with the Program Quality Director and Club Growth Director leading the district annually. The District Director is responsible for directly administering and overseeing the day-to-day operations, finances, and human resources.

D42 Program Quality Director – Debbie Stearns, DTM

The Program Quality Director is responsible for all aspects of education and training within the District. This includes:

  • providing support for quality club programming
  • promoting the Distinguished Club Program
  • planning, organizing and executing the District Conference
  • promoting and supporting club quality and member retention
CGD Debbie Stearns1
Debbie Stearns, DTM
Michelle Nedelec

D42 Club Growth Director – Debbie Stearns, DTM

Within the District, the Club Growth Director is responsible for all marketing aspects, club building, and club retention efforts. This includes:

  • defining an overall marketing strategy for the District
  • developing outreach and retention efforts with existing clubs
  • penetrating new markets
  • supporting challenged clubs helping them to become Distinguished.
D42 Public Relations Manager – Stacey Kaminski  

The Public Relations Manager coordinates publicity efforts within the District. They work to increase awareness of Toastmasters using all available media. Their role is to establish and maintain lines of communication between the district and its members, as well as between the district and the public.

PR Manager Stacey Kaminski1
Stacey Kaminski
Administration Manager Michelle Ryerson1
Michelle Ryerson, DTM

D42  Administration Manager – Michelle Ryerson, DTM

The Administration Manager’s responsibilities include maintaining the District’s historical records and recording and distributing meeting minutes. Additionally, they maintain accurate, timely records of district business.

D42 Finance Manager – Wendie Swirski, DTM

The Finance Manager is entrusted with the fiscal oversight and management of the District. They work closely with the District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Grown Director ensuring the district is making cost-effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management.

FINANCE Manager Wendie Swirski, DTM
Wendie Swirski, DTM
Past District Director Bev LeBlanc
Bev LeBlanc, DTM

D42 Immediate Past District Director – Bev LeBlanc., DTM

The Immediate Past District Director provides counsel and guidance to District leaders. Further, they plan, direct and organize projects and committees as requested by the District Director. Also, a major responsibility of this role is to ensure the incoming District Director receives all pertinent District documents prior to June 30.

Other responsibilities include :

  • serving as a member of the district executive committee and district council
  • upholding the bylaws and policies of Toastmasters International
  • encouraging dedicated members to accept leadership positions a
  • helping the district achieve Distinguished recognition.

Committee Chairs and Leaders

To learn more about these positions view opportunities If you are interested in filling any role, contact District Director, Bev LeBlanc

Technical Lead

Chandresh (CJ) Johnson

Conference Chair

Leanne Woodhouse

Circle of Gold Chair

Laura Chambers

YLP Chair

Mary Schoendorfer

Dispatch Designer

Vesna Ivkovic

Dispatch Editor

Twila Tayfel

Tech Co-Lead -Anand Unnithan

Technical Co-Lead

Anand Unnithan


Vesna Ivkovic


Bob Rogers

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