Are you looking to expand your leadership skills outside of your club?

Are you passionate about helping others?
Do you love to write?
Are you creative?
Are you an Event Planner?
What talents do you want to share with District 42?
Do you want to discover and develop your hidden competencies?

Listed below are some project opportunities for the current year. Some of them qualify for District DTM credit, others will qualify for Pathways Level 4 or Level 5 projects; while others simply grow your skillset and benefit our community.

Division Team Leads

Division Directors are building teams to help volunteers dip their toes in the volunteer pool. Similar responsibilities to District Leadership Roles but on a smaller scale. If you are interested in any of the following, please contact your Division Director.

  • Contest Chair – Division
  • Chief Judge – Division
  • Circle of Gold Lead – Division
  • Tech Team Lead – Division
  • Public Relations Lead – Division
  • Club Growth Lead – Division
  • Program Quality Lead – Division

Club Coach

Club Coaches are caring and experienced Toastmasters who enter into a partnership with a struggling club to help its members rejuvenate their club into a sustainable and strong organization.

Club Coach Prerequisites

  • Completed Levels 1 & 2 in a Path
  • Served as a Club Officer for at least 12 months
  • Enrolled in Pathways
  • Possess a drive to serve others and see them succeed
Volunteer to Lead

Volunteer to LEAD D42’s conference

Little did I know when I raised my hand a year ago to volunteer to lead that I would have ...
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Superhero Tech Team

D42 Superhero Tech Team

By Irma Goosen | VP Membership, Fluor Communicators D23 The magnitude of COVID-19 shocked the world early in March 2020 ...
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Youth Leadership Program

Youth Leadership Program 2019-2020

We enjoyed a wonderful abbreviated year in Southern Alberta with the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program. Three training sessions occurred for ...
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