In-Person TM Meetings - Many Member Benefits!!!

Toastmaster District 42   provides opportunities to create clubs that fit all Toastmasters’ needs.  At last count, D42 offers 26 In-Person Clubs, 35 Hybrid Clubs and 41 Clubs that meet online.  There is something for everyone and advantages to every format.  Here are some Benefits of In-Person Clubs.

Personal Connections

At an In-Person meeting, the first thing one may notice is members shaking hands and introducing themselves.  A friendly greeting makes guests feel welcome and part of the Toastmasters family.  Conversations before the meeting, at a break and the close, build self-confidence and promote feelings of belonging.  Opportunities for team and one-to-one mentoring occur.  In-person club dynamics foster relationships and networking.  Social events and activities strengthen the bonds members make within a club.

A Real Live Audience

An important benefit of In-Person meetings is the Live Audience.  Speakers receive immediate feedback and can tell when they connect with the audience.  People are engaged, the energy and the support are felt.  Hearing a room laugh with you, gives a member inspiration.  Nothing beats a heartfelt round of applause.  Can you remember that feeling after your Icebreaker??

Every Member A Team Player

At In-Person meetings, guests and members are asked for their opinions and recommendations.  They quickly become Team Players.  In a strong club, every member is part of the team and takes an agenda role.  Members are encouraged to assume challenging roles, allowing them to step out of their comfort levels and build confidence.  Team commitment helps ensure every agenda role is filled before meetings.  Members soon participate in decision-making and assume club leadership roles.  As a Team, members’ Pathways accomplishments are celebrated during and after meetings.  

Consider visiting an In-Person TM Club.  You will enhance leadership and speaking skills with a Live Audience.  Feel the vibrancy, connection, support, and energy at an In-Person meeting.  Further, your Toastmaster journey, gain new friends, and network.  District 42 In-Person Clubs welcome you.  They look forward to having you join them at an In-Person meeting.

Thank you Toastmasters D42 for your strong leadership and for creating a District that offers and supports a variety of clubs.

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Visit us:        Glenmore RSVP Toastmasters #1936 on Tuesday evenings.

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We are a Sunshine club that meets over the summer  – guests are always welcome.

Carol Dyte, VP Membership,
Lynne Herzog, Secretary
Glenmore RSVP Toastmasters #1936   

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