Road to DTMPW

Along the path to Distinguished Toastmaster, we learn the value of leadership and team building. When I began my Pathways journey 4 years ago, I was unaware of the Pathways requirements for achieving a DTM designation.  I had just earned my second DTM and had no interest in earning another one. Four years later after completing two Pathways, Engaging Humour and Team Collaboration, and starting on my third I saw an item about completing your DTM. Upon inquiring at Toastmasters International about it, they sent me information about the High-Performance Leadership (HPL) project.

This information came at a time when I was asked to plan an 80th Birthday Party for 100 guests. I asked my some of Toastmasters friends and family to be on my planning Team. We had lots of fun. It was like the “good old times” when we were always working on various TM projects. The decorating committee decided on the colours of royal blue and silver. My input was no black, it was to be a joyous affair. Along with the catering committee, we chose salmon or chicken accompanied by red or rose wine at the table. The appreciation team chose invitations, the favours and who would be at the welcome table.  My Master of Ceremonies was Shelley Musfelt, DTM home Club MVP Toastmasters; Russ Dantu, DTM also from MVP gave the Toast and Rowena Carlson, DTM whose Club is Heart of the Rockies, gave a speech. Several Toastmasters were guests at this happy occasion.

Once I presented both HPL speeches on this project, I found out that I had some unclaimed leadership roles from the past that I could apply to this DTM, I filled out the form, sent it to Caryl Walker,  President of our Chinook club and the next thing I knew I had achieved my third DTM.

All my life I have kept on learning, volunteering and trying to make a difference in the lives of others. In Toastmasters, it started 34 years ago when I became a member, then I volunteered in different roles on the Club Executive, then in the District as an Area Governor (Director), Division J Governor (Director)  and Division C Governor (Director). I played an active role outside my Chinook Club in District 42 Conferences and Conventions. (I Chaired the 2003 Convention.) I had no interest in the higher elected positions in the District, although I did assist with several Toastmasters campaigns to become District Governor. I acted as the District Parliamentarian for Mona Cooley, DTM when she was the District 42 Governor. These activities including my Sponsoring and Mentoring three clubs, Tireless Talkers, Singles and Friends and Emerson Toastmasters were instrumental in my achieving the roles necessary for this DTMPW.

I felt that this was the smoothest of the three DTMs that I achieved. It felt as though I just kept moving up the Pathways by completing the projects, and because of all the upfront work, I was able to achieve another DTM. Will I do another one? Who knows? I will continue to give speeches and move through the levels in the Pathways Program….

Dorothy Jones. DTMPW


“You’re braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.”

~ A. A. Milne Author and Poet.

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