Congratulations to the two clubs in our district:

We could not be more thrilled and proud of their accomplishments including this Smedley Award where we have seen they successfully gained 5 new members just in the months of August and September.

What is their secret?  Better to hear it from them, as Ron MacTavish of Dynamically Speaking has shared:

  • “… our philosophy about attracting new members.  We run stellar meetings, which are renowned for their high energy.  Our members are prepared for their roles.  They are prepared for their roles because of our strong mentoring program.  New members are excited about the training and camaraderie they receive at Dynamically Speaking.  They are so enthusiastic about our club, they tell their friends and coworkers about Dynamically Speaking and the cycle repeats.
    Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters Club

Moreover, Alex Ann, President of Dynamically Speaking, added:

  • … We continually reflect, respond and give reason to why we do what we do. Adding value to our members is what we strive for and our motto for this Toastmaster year is, ‘Together we are better!’
CanOrators Club

Lastly, from our past District Director and long-time member of CanOrators, Carolyn Kaldy:

  • “… just good old fashioned “word of mouth” and as Ron noted – super important – quality meetings to convert that guest to paid member.  Can not underscore how important it is to show an organized front, prepared roles, and welcoming attitude.”

From these quotes, the secret sauce is confirmed as “enthusiastically telling friends and coworkers or word of mouth” and “continually adding value to members through quality and organization.”   We can definitely apply this to all our respective clubs, areas, and divisions.

Submitted by:
Eugene Sicat, DTM, PMP, MBA
Club Growth Director (2021-2022) | District 42

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