Leadership Training Summer 2019

Leadership Training
Leadership Training is open to all Toastmasters. It is a great opportunity to experience why Toastmasters is #WhereLeadersAreMade

Toastmasters from across District 42 come together to learn, share ideas, network, and be inspired in these education sessions. It is here that newly elected club officers receive training on how to best serve their club members. And it’s where any Toastmaster can expand skill sets as a communicator and a leader with additional educational session

These training sessions are open to all D42 members:

  • looking to grow their leadership skills
  • interested in becoming a club officer in the future (a requirement for obtaining the Distinguished Toastmaster designation)
  • who want to learn more about the Toastmaster organization

Attend the training day, time, or location that works best for you!

Clubs with officers attending training receive credit toward the training goal in the Distinguished Club Program.

Leadership Training – Summer Session
Tuesday, August 13 5 – 9 PM Calgary/Hosted by Div E
Wednesday, August 21 5:30 – 9 PM Calgary/Hosted by Div F
Saturday August 24 1 – 5 PM Regina/Hosted by Div B
Saturday, August 24 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Brooks/Hosted by Div D
Monday, August 26 5:30 – 9 PM Calgary/Hosted by Div A & C
Saturday, August 31 8:15 AM – 12:45 PM Calgary/Hosted by Div A & C


D42 Clubs, Areas and Divisions

What a tremendous team!

Here is the updated chart of 2019 D42 Divisions, Areas, and Clubs with the names of the Division and Area Directors. We look forward to working with all of you.

Jocelyn Hastie, District Director 2019-2020

D42 2019-2020 Updated Alignment with Area and Division Directors


Leadership Opportunities in D42 for 2019-2020

Why did you join Toastmasters? Did you join because you wanted to improve your communication skills? As a member, you might have soon realized that not only were your communication skills improving, but your leadership skills were as well.
The next step for your growth may be to serve as a club officer or as a district officer. The Leadership Committee is currently looking for members who want to take the next step in their growth as a member.
An opportunity is still available for the 2019/2020 District Leaders:
  • Area Director – A1 (District Executive Committee)

Click Here to learn more about the Area Director role.

If you want the Leadership Credit for DTM, you need to commit before August 30, 2019.

Additional roles are available that would qualify for High-Performance Leadership (HPL) projects, which fulfill requirements within numerous Pathways. Here are some possibilities:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • District Incentive Coordinator
  • Marketing Committee Members
  • Circle of Gold Coordinator
If you have an idea for an HPL that might assist Toastmasters, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to your success.

Completing 1 year as a District Executive Committee member is a requirement for the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation. This is the last opportunity to fulfill this requirement on the traditional program (by Jun 30, 2020) or this requirement can be used towards your DTM in the Pathways program.

There are qualifications for each position. If you are interested we can send you more information to help take your leadership and communication skills to the next level! Please contact Jocelyn Hastie, DTM.
Jocelyn Hastie

District 42 Leadership Team 2019-2020

Welcome to District 42. Click HERE to see a video message from Jocelyn Hastie, DTM,District Director 2019-2020

We are delighted to announce the members of our 2019-2020 District 42 Leadership Team.

Ray L McPhee, CC, CL – Division A Director

Camille Gibney, DL1 – Division B Director

Dana Cusi, ACB, ALB – Division C Director

Rayanne Rodier, VC1 – Division D Director

Saya Sanyal, IP2 – Division E Director

Katrina Aburrow, PM2 – Division F Director

Watch for the appointed Area Directors in the next Dispatch.

The Club Coach Program

Being a Club Coach fulfils a requirement to earn your Advanced Leader Silver award.

  • You do not need to have reached any specific level in Toastmasters or given a specific number of speeches to be a coach.
  • You cannot coach a club of which you are a member.
  • The club coach relationship will last for at least a year and many coaches find themselves staying and joining the club when the year is over.
  • You are there to advise a club; make suggestions on ways they can improve. You are not there to do the work for the members and leaders.
  • Your objective is to rebuild a club by helping them reach the Distinguished Club Program goals, including membership number goals.
  • Club Coaches are appointed by the District Club Growth Director.
  • Two Club Coaches may be appointed for any Club with 12 or fewer paid members.
  • A Club Coach may not be a member of the “At Risk” Club at the time of his or her appointment.
  • The Club Coach will receive a distinctive pin upon his or her appointment and further recognition upon successful completion of the program.
  • A Club Coach is successful if the Club becomes Distinguished during the Coach’s appointment. Successful Club Coaches receive credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver designation.
  • The term for a Club Coach can be extended one year beyond the year of appointment, upon request.

Be a Club C-O-A-C-H!

Learn more 

To discuss the opportunity, please email Ryan Rupchin, Club Growth Director

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