A Mentor At Your Side Makes A Difference

Mentoring Moment

by Alexander Jamieson, High Riser Toastmasters

Most of us realize the importance of mentorship in our lives.

Our success and progress with Toastmasters can be made easier with a committed mentor at our side. The influence of someone who has gone before us is pivotal.

Mentor Focus

District 42 would like to focus more on mentorship this year. We are already excelling in this area, and we can do better. Our clubs are doing stellar work, offering new members the opportunity to be mentored by an experienced club member.

Unfortunately, mentoring relationships can start with good intentions, and with time deteriorate. There are various reasons why this occurs. Life and work sometimes get in the way, and it is easy for both the mentor and protégé to forget that they are in a relationship.

For success, mentorship requires some formality and some structure in place. Imagine toastmasters without the pathway’s projects? Imagine toastmasters without evaluations and time constraints? It would be chaotic. We would not be the speakers we are today without those systems in place.

Be A Toastmasters Mentor

Now you may be asking, is there a formal program for mentoring within Toastmasters? Yes, there is. Some of you may already be familiar with the pathways mentor program. It is perfect for people who are new to mentoring but is very applicable to experienced mentors. The program is a new curriculum accessible to those who have reached level 2 in any path. The program helps the member ease into a mentoring relationship and consists of three projects. The initial project is all about self-assessment and looking at your goals and inherent qualities as a mentor. The second project involves mentoring a club member for a short-term assignment, typically two months. The last project involves mentoring a toastmaster or someone outside of toastmasters for six months.

D42 Mentorship Program

After both mentoring assignments, the member will deliver a speech to the club about the experience of being a mentor. District 42 this year wants to promote and tell its members about the program.  We have many enthusiastic new members who have quickly adapted to the new Pathways program and have already reached Level 2. We primarily want to focus on these new members who are most likely new to mentoring, but we want to get our experienced toastmasters excited about the program.

If you have an interest in the program, please contact your club president or your area director.

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Volunteer to Lead D42’s Conference

Volunteer to Lead

By Susan Cramer, DTM

Little did I know when I raised my hand a year ago to volunteer to lead that I would have the honour – nay, nay the privilege – of planning two conferences in one year for District 42. This brings my track record of D42 Conferences planned to three, although only two have seen the light of day.

You may ask why I keep coming back for more.  The answer is simple.  It’s fun and I love it!

Volunteer to Lead

Here are my top 6 reasons.

  1. You get to lead a team and practice your leadership skills in a live setting with a real deliverable at the end where people want to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  1. You get to learn new things. This year, the District bought a new online registration tool called Event Espresso that we got to help implement and test. Also, we used Zoom Webinar to deliver our program for the first time. Plus, we created the most robust and longest-running media campaign for a District conference yet (multiple Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, website, Dispatch and email posts.)
  1. You get to own the decisions for where it happens, what happens, and who performs. Three major areas where we had change this year appeared in the way we recognized our Distinguished Toastmasters, how we celebrated our Of the Year (OTY) Award winners, and how to use co-hosts as entertainment versus the traditional Sergeant at Arms role seen in the past.
  1. You get to apply your effort towards a Pathways project.  For me, I used the overall leadership of the Celebration as an High Performance Leadership (HPL) project but there are other options too, like Level 5 Lessons Learned or Level 4 Manage Online Meetings.
  1. You get to work with great people. People who volunteer to work on this committee want to make a difference and learn just like you.  Who better to have on your team?
  1. You get to feel the love and appreciation of those who attend and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Put Your Hand Up

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team who helped me deliver our recent D42 2020 Celebration.  I’m grateful I volunteered to lead. There has never been anything like it in District 42 before and there may never be again.  I am so thankful I took the opportunity to put myself out there and rejoin that elite group of people who can say, “I planned a District 42 Conference.”

Don’t wait to be asked.  Approach a District Leader today and put yourself out there!

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Shift Gears for Success – Leadership Training

Leadership Training

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.  However, to grow, you need to be open to learning new things.  When you grow as a result of your learning, you can then shift gears, bring it up a notch, and start leading!” ~Vincenzo Aliberti

Leaders Shift Gears

The famous poet Rumi once said ““Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” The best leaders continuously learn how to manage change internally.  By managing that change, they are less impacted by all the outside activities.  It is then, and only then, that they can truly respond, rather than react to change, better lead themselves, and be of service to others.

This Leadership Training is an opportunity for Toastmasters to learn about a variety of topics as they prepare to enter their new roles for 2020-2021. The goal is for all 7 club officers to be trained, a minimum of 4 officers is required during this training period.

Important to note:

In order to get credit as having a club officer trained, each club officer must:

  • Attend the session for their officer role and sign the sign-in sheet
  • Attend 3 hours of training and sign the sign-in sheet at each session attended

NOTE: Please rename yourself in Zoom prior to the training.

Unsure how to do that? Watch this video.

All training for August takes place online.





NOTE: Training is offered on Wednesday, August 12, Saturday, August 22, and Monday, August 25. Club Officers only need to attend ONE of these training sessions to receive credit for their Club.

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Susan Cramer – Virtual Conference Pioneer

by Irma Goosen | LD5, PM4

Connect The Dots

“Why don’t you use Morse Code to Connect the Dots for the Conference?” Her husband’s words while travelling somewhere near Florida in the USA on their 6-month sojourn, clinched the deal. Take another look at the flyer for the 2020 D42 Conference. Decipher the dots and look for the words connect and virtual.

Did you know? The ladybug was chosen to represent everyone. No gender, race or form and universaility as a symbol for luck and Spring. Who could ask for more?

Project Manager

After 6 months of virtual meetings and lots of planning, Susan and her team had the Conference (slated for Lethbridge, Alberta) set. Not only were the 7 core team members operating like a well-oiled machine, the venue, meals, keynote speakers, contests and awards were in place. Of course, small things might go wrong, but Susan and the team were ready to deal with those. At almost 85% of all planning in place, the 2020 Conference was in the bag!

From in-person to virtual

Enter a world-wide pandemic. Susan had to re-think everything. How do you create an event 300+ people could attend from a distance? She needed a new team. Not everyone was comfortable doing an online celebration. At the same time, an online venue presented new opportunities to revitalize some old concepts. In 11 short weeks, her team of 4 delivered District 42’s first-ever virtual conference.

The opportunities

Hundreds of hours and many meetings were spent on:

  • Selecting a new core team – only Susan and Karla Kroeker were on both teams for the in-person conference in Lethbridge and the virtual conference.  Marcy Field and Wendie Swirski joined in the fun.
  • Finding Keynote speakers familiar with speaking online – in the end, the team repurposed 3 of the speakers chosen for Lethbridge.
  • Creating a unique way to celebrate all Distinguished Toastmasters, including the first ones to achieve this milestone through Pathways.
  • Finetuning the technical aspects with technologies new to the District – without the D42 Tech Team this would not have been possible.
  • Choosing hosts for the event –Randy Maus and Gordon Grant entertained, educated and stuck to a strict minute-by-minute program.
  • Rebranding the Of the Year Awards to the OTYs and showcasing both the District and Division winners. The “Oscar”-esque OTYs were hosted by Catherine Secundiak who gave an award-winning performance, dazzling us with her multiple wardrobe changes.


The list was stupendous, but Susan and the District 42 team created an event that set the bar sky high. More importantly, Susan became a pioneer for virtual conferences. Well done!

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A Proxy Makes Sure Your Vote Counts!


A Club proxy insures your voice is heard at the Annual Business Meeting held during the 2020 Virtual Convention.


Club presidents and secretaries received emails notifying them to assign the club votes. Furthermore, votes must be assigned even if you are assigning the votes to yourself. Finally, to qualify for a nomination as President of the Year, votes must be assigned.


It should be noted that D42’s Executive Team members are interviewing International Director candidates to enable them to make informed choices. Learn more about the candidates and the proposed amendments.


Proposal A recommends changes to the bylaws that would increase the maximum percentage (from 15% to 20%) of Toastmasters Member Clubs that could compose one (1) region. If approved, the size of the Board would remain the same. However, instead of one (1) International Director serving each of 14 regions, two (2) International Directors would serve each of seven (7) regions.


Furthermore, in Proposal B, the Board proposes the Bylaws of Toastmaster International, Article III, Section 13.d, is amended to require that information from the charged member be submitted 96 hours before the hearing. The current requirement is 48 hours.


Additionally, reading this will help you prepare to cast your vote.


Importantly, you may designate a:

  • Delegate from the club to cast your club votes.
  • 2020-2021 District Director to act as your club proxy.
  • Another active member to act as your club proxy.


Follow these steps for proxyholders:

  • To assign the club votes, go to Club Central, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for, and click on Club Proxy.
  • If the club provides voting directions, proxyholders will vote in the manner a club instructs.


If you have any questions about the voting process, please email proxyinfo@toastmasters.org.

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D42 Sunshine Clubs 2020

Are you looking for a Club meeting to attend over the summer? Look no further.

If you’re interested in attending a meeting during July or August, the following clubs are active and holding meetings.

Click on the Club name to visit their website.

Sunshine Clubs – Airdrie/Calgary

Club Name Meeting Day Meeting Time
Absolutely Fabulous Tuesday 12:00 PM
Ace of Clubs Toastmasters Thursday 12:00 PM
Airdrie Discovery Toastmasters Club 2nd & 4th Monday 7:15 PM
ATB Calgary Campus Wednesday 12 PM
Bottom Line Toastmasters Club Thursday – June 9 & 23, Aug 6 & 20 12 PM
Calgary Advanced Toastmasters Summer Camp – 6 Mondays 7 PM
Calgary Talking Toastmasters Tuesday 12 PM
CanOrators Toastmasters Thursday 12 PM
Centennial Toastmasters Wednesday (Except Aug 5) 12 PM
Chinook Club Thursday 6:30 PM
CREB Talkers Thursday 4:30 PM
Crowfoot Communicators 2nd & 4th Friday 12 PM
Fluor Communicators Tuesday – July 21, August 11 & 25 12 PM
Golden Gavel Monday 7 PM
Heritage Go-Getters Monday 5:30 PM
Igniters Toastmasters Tuesday 7 PM
Lightning Strikes Toastmasters Wednesday 5:15 PM
Literally Speaking Tuesday – Jul 14, 21, 28 Aug 11, 18, 25 12 PM
MVP Advanced  2nd & 4th Thursday 7 PM
PMI-SAC Toastmasters Club Tuesday, July 7 & 21 August 4 & 18 5:30 PM
Refined Speakers Wednesday 12 PM
Rivertown Criers 1st & 3rd Monday 7 PM
Spring Forward Toastmasters Monday 7:30 PM
The Regulators Wednesday 12 PM
Toast Office Toasters Thursday 12 PM
Toast of the Town Club Wednesday 12 PM
Verbal Gainz Monday 7:30 PM
WAAMtastic Toastmasters Wednesday 5:30 PM
Westenders Toastmasters Wednesday 12 PM
Westhills Club Monday 8 PM
WPTM Toastmasters Thursday 11:45 AM

Sunshine Clubs – Southern Alberta

Club Name Meeting Day Meeting Time
Coulee Commentators Mondays 7 PM
Downtown City Speakers TM Club Tuesday 12 PM
Valley Echo Club July 13 & 27, August 10 & 24 7 PM

Sunshine Clubs – Southern Saskatchewan

Club Name Meeting Day Meeting Time
B.L.T. Toastmasters Club July 9 & August 6 5:30 PM
B.L.T. Toastmasters Club July 18 & August 15 9:30 AM
Big Country Toastmasters July 8 outdoor picnic in Wakamow Park

July 22, August 5

Aug 19 Car rally to and picnic at the Nichol Homestead

6 PM

7 PM

Big Rock Pioneer Toastmasters July 16 & 30, Aug 6 & 20 7 PM
Civil Speakers Thursday 12 PM
Club 13 Toastmasters Wednesday 5:10 PM
CREB Talkers Thursday 4:30 PM
Downtowners Toastmasters Wednesday 11:55 AM
FCC Stubble Jumpers Thursday – July 16 & 23, Aug 13 & 27 12 PM
Pile of Bones Toastmasters Wednesday 11:55 AM
Plains Toastmasters Monday 7:15 PM
Queen City Toasters Toastmasters Tuesday 12:05 PM
Speedy Creek Toastmasters Thursday – July 23 & August 20 7 PM
Toastmasters At Palliser Tuesday 7 PM
Treasure Chest Club Wednesday 7 PM
Twin Towers Toastmasters Thursday 12 PM
UR Toastmasters Thursday 12 PM
Verbal Gainz Monday 7:30 PM
Wascana Toastmasters Tuesday 7 PM
Weekend Wordmasters Saturday – All July & Aug 1 10 AM
Wey Better Speakers Toastmasters Thursday 7 PM
Wild Oats Club Monday except Holidays 12 PM

(For any additions or corrections please contact prm@d42tm.org)

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D42 2020/2021 Leadership Team

Voting is finalized. We are happy to congratulate the new 2020-21 team, whose term officially begins in July 2020. Meanwhile they are leaning in to finish the current term with renewed vigour.

District Director (Elect) – Christina Kruis

Program Quality Director (Elect) – Ryan Rupchan

Club Growth Director (Elect) – Katrina Aburrow

Division A Director (Elect) – Geoffery King

Division B Director (Elect) – Arunima Bhattacharya

Division C Director (Elect) – Randy Maus

Division D Director (Elect) – Tammy Frenette

Division E Director (Elect) – Vincenzo Aliberti

Division F Director (Elect) – Rebecca Klepic

Immediate Past District Director – Jocelyn Hastie

If you are interested in participating in this great leadership growth opportunity, please click here, or reach out to any member of the 2020-2021 team.

International Officer and International Director Candidates

In August 2020, Toastmasters International will be holding elections for the 2020-2021 International officers and directors at the Annual Business Meeting held in August 2020.  Click on the links below to review the candidates for each position:


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D42 Spring 2020 Online Speech Winners

On Saturday, April 18, District 42 took the Spring Speech Contests online. Not only is It incredibly impressive to see how it all came together, the preparation and expertise of the contestants as they adapt to this new venue, is truly inspiring.


D42 International WinnersCongratulations to the winners of District 42’s International Contest are:

First Place: Kanak Khare from LIV AD-Libs

Second Place: Valerie Erikson from Literally Speaking

Third Place: Kelly Kaur from MVP Advanced


The winners of District 42’s Evaluation Contest are:

First Place: Matt Fox from High River Toastmasters

Second Place: Rowena Romero from Chinook Toastmasters

Third Place: Russ Dantu from MVP Toastmasters



The winners of District 42’s Humorous Contest are:

First Place: Laura Chambers from Inspired Toastmasters

Second Place: Michael Nunn from To the Point Toastmasters

Third Place: Angie Hung from Toast of the Town Toastmasters


The winners of D42’s Table Topics Contest are:Table Topics Winners

First Place: Lucas Steeves from Spoken Word

Second Place: Connie Paus from Pile of Bones

Third Place: Laura Chambers from Inspired Toastmasters

#D42TM #Toastmasters #TableTopicsContest



It was terrific to see how all the contestants upped their game for the Division Contests. Congratulations to our Division Contest winners. On May 30 when D42 chooses the District Champion for Table Topics and International speeches.
A huge round of applause to D42’s Contest Officials and to the Tech Team. All of you make us proud.
1st Place Amy Woo Kelly Kaur
2nd Place Matt Yakiluc Christian Carello
3rd Place Vince Varga Nicole Hammond
1st Place Marg Ustupski Laurel Wingert
2nd Place Justice Daka Marg Ustupski
3rd Place Laurel Wingert Justice Daka
1st Place Angie Hung Angie Hung
2nd Place Rowena Romero Carolyn Kaldy
3rd Place Carolyn Kaldy Ray Fauteux
1st Place Devan McPherson Chuck LeBlanc
2nd Place Stephanie Harris Shauna Conard
3rd Place Masoud Shahanaghi Alan Hastie
1st Place Michael Nunn Valerie Erickson
2nd Place Philippe Marquis Darlene Davies
3rd Place Wendy Ireland Trevor Dreher
1st Place Laura Chambers Kanak Khare
2nd Place Allan Moore Dave Dyck
3rd Place Sandra Fortin Travis Thibeault


A1 Greg Buccini Matt Yackulik
A7 Diana Cranstoun Tony Stickland
A10 Christian Carello Duncan Schuett
A15 Nicole Hammond Amy Woo
A27 Kelly Kaur Vincent Varga
B4 Sanjidi Hasnin Kim Korven
B9  Laurel Wingert Dawn Thomas-Cameron
B18 Lynnette Zotzman Geremey Quiambao
B24 Larry Callaghan Laurel Wingert
C3 Eva Calle No competitors
C11 Ray Fateaux Rowena Romero
C17 Moein Razazadeh No competitors
C21 Angie Hung Angie Hung
C22 Carolyn Kaldy Carolyn Kaldy
D2 Michaela Enzmann Devan McPherson
D8 Alan Hastie Stephanie Harris
D12 Shauna Conard Chuck LeBlanc
D23 Irma Goosen Masoud Shahanaghi
E6 Trevor Dreher Lucas Steeves
E13 Val Erickson Wendy Ireland
E19 Darlene Davies Michael Nunn
E28 Amin Sabzervari Marie-Claire Campbell
E30 Franco Savoia Philippe Marquis
F5 Travis Thibeault Travis Thibeault
F14 Kanak Khare Allan Moore
F20 Eugene Sicat Robert Leeds
F26 Alexander Jamieson Sandra Fortin
F29 Dave Dyck Laura Chambers


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D42 Superhero Tech Team

Missing in photo: Jocelyn Hastie, Cheryl Dust, Ruby Gunna


By Irma Goosen | VP Membership, Fluor Communicators D23

The magnitude of COVID-19 shocked the world early in March 2020. Day-to-day routines changed. Following an announcement from Toastmasters International cancelling in-person club meetings, solutions were needed. “How would we connect with our Toastmaster peeps?” “Will the contests go ahead?” “What about my Pathways, my DTM, my CC?” Determined to optimize this new opportunity to learn, grow and expand, leaders and members alike stepped forward. As a result, the idea for D42’s Tech Team sparked.

Tech Team Beginnings

Mid-March Catherine Secundiak, Randall Edge, Robert Boyce, Marshall Ennis, Marvin Henry, Chuck LeBlanc and Ruby Gunna participated in the first official meeting for the team. Subsequently, the steep learning curve began. D42’s Superhero Tech Team was born! Catherine Secundiak unofficially became the leader of this group. A training plan evolved during the weekly meetings. District Executive leaders were relentless in getting them the information needed from Toastmasters International. No member or club would be left behind.


Chatting with Catherine, one quickly discovers her enthusiasm, compassion, and thirst for knowledge.  Of note, she strongly believes in serving the Toastmasters community. For example, when asked if anything could have been done different, she indicated the following:

  • start mentoring team members much sooner
  • share the knowledge with more of D42’s members
  • develop more tech leaders

Otherwise, everything else was done exactly right! Consequently, she holds nothing but praise and admiration for everyone on the Tech Team. Additionally, Rebecca Klepic currently serves as Tech Team Lead benefitting from Catherine’s mentorship.

Next Steps

What’s more, Toastmasters International encourages members, world wide, to embrace technology. In fact, they promote using differing modular meetings to provide opportunity and engagement for more people. Regular in-person meetings will return; however, the ability to attend from a distance is available should circumstances require it. We could get our fix anywhere, anytime!

Today, D42 facilitates online club meetings. Furthermore, they completed all area, division and district online speech contests. As well, Leadership Training, Executive Committee Training and a Celebration are scheduled online in June. Consequently, the need for Tech Team members grows as the District takes advantage of this new reality.

Our District superheroes embraced change taking everything to a new level. More people are being trained weekly to expand the Superhero Tech Team. District leaders want us to succeed. And we, the members, are grateful for the support of the D42 leaders.

“No member or club left behind.”

To join the Tech Team contact Rebecca.

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Trimming the Sails – AD/DD Training

When faced with new or changing circumstances, adept sailors ”trim the sails” to steer their boats more smoothly into the wind. John Maxwell reminds us in the this quote that leaders adopt similar practices.
“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”
On June 20, the District Executive Committee (departing and incoming) will meet online for a day organized to:
– facilitate the transition
– introduce us to specific roles and responsibilities
– provide insights into the team
– strengthen relationships
– remind us that “in every job that must be done there is an element of fun.”
As D42’s Executive Committee, it is valuable to know each others’ Leadership and Communication Styles.
Toastmasters provides questionnaires for determining both within Pathways, Level 2 projects.
These links provide access to both Style Questionnaires and Ranking Guides for your use (or you can check out Pathways for more insight.)
Both questionnaires are available in Level 2:
– Dynamic Leadership
– Effective Coaching
– Visionary Communication

Leadership Style Questionnaire available in Level 2
– Innovative Planning
– Leadership Development
– Persuasive Influence
– Strategic Relationships

Communication Style Questionnaire available in Level 2
– Motivational Strategies
– Presentation Mastery
– Team Collaboration

Please complete the questionnaires, submit your styles with your registration before June 12, 2020.

This information allows the creation of a graphic, which will enable all of us to practice versatility for better team engagement.

We look forward to setting sail with you on June 20th.

Registration Open Until: June 12, 2020

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