2018 Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting-Proxy Deadline Aug 21, 2018



Your club has important votes to cast during the Annual Business Meeting at the Toastmasters International Convention. Clubs will vote to elect international officers and directorsto the 2018-2019 Board of Directors as well as Proposal A: an amendment to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International.

As Club President and Club Secretary, you have already been sent notification from Toastmasters International regarding assigning your proxy.  Click Here to review the email sent July 5, 2018.

Your District Director will be attending the Business Meeting this August and can vote on behalf of your club. It is recommended that you assign your proxy to the District 42 Director as she will be interviewing each candidate the week of the elections; she will be able to make a well informed decision and vote on the clubs’ behalf accordingly.

Please keep in mind, the Club must have assigned their club proxy for the International Business Meeting for the Club President to be eligible for “President of the Year” award in 2018/2019 – Click Here to view the criteria for “President of the Year”.

If you are unsure as to how to assign your club proxy, please refer to the step-by-step instructions by Clicking Here!

The deadline to assign your proxy is August 21st.

But Don’t Wait! Please send ASAP!

Thank you in advance for your time and assigning your proxies!

Best Regards, 

Nikki Guyett                       
Administration Manager 

Clarification on District 42 President of the Year

This year we have received a number of questions regarding the process for how President of
the Year is selected, and I would like to take a couple moments and outline the process.

Firstly, the process is fully outline in the District 42 Procedures Section 3.7 and is available on
the District 42 website under Resources/ District Resources.

Section 3.7.3 outlines the Eligibility for a Club President to be eligible for the award, however
here is the eligibility criteria listed below.

a) Must have served a FULL TERM as Club President during the preceding calendar year

a. What does this mean? It means that they must have served either 6 or 12
months based on your club officer election terms

b) Meet the following criteria;

a. Achieved at least Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

i. This means that a club has to achieve at least 5 out of the 10 eligible
points in the Distinguished Club Program and met the membership
requirement in order to be considered Distinguished or higher..

b. Submitted Semi-Annual Dues x 2

i. This means that clubs dues must be received into Toastmasters
International by April 1 and October 1.

c. Submitted Club Officer List by June 30 at the end of their term

i. An example is that if you were a Club President for the Toastmaster year
2017/2018 that means it would have to be submitted by June 30, 2018.

d. Was represented by voting delegate(s) at the two District Council Meetings

i. This means that either they were in attendance or submitted a proxy for a
member to act on their behalf. The proxy holder must have been a
member of the club.

e. Was represented by a voting delegate or proxy at the Toastmasters
International Annual Business meeting

i. This means that either they were in attendance or submitted a proxy for a
member to act on their behalf.

f. For clubs electing annually, the President is not serving a successive full
term1 in office

i. For the purposes of determining successive terms, the Club President as
listed at Toastmasters International as of September 1 of the TM year
shall be used.

g. For clubs electing semi-annually, the President is not serving a second or
more successive full term in office

i. A President of club electing semi-annually is allowed to serve two sixmonth
terms consecutively.


The procedure for selecting this recipient of this award is;

a) The Chairman of the Past District Governors and Directors Committee shall send a copy
of the Nomination Form as published on the District 42 website to the past Vice
President Education and the current President on record of all eligible clubs, by August

b) To nominate its Past President for this award, the club completes the Nomination Form,
attaches the necessary documentation and ensures it is delivered to the Division
Director not later than September 15.

c) The Division Director, along with such other members of the present and previous
division executive team as deemed appropriate, will review each eligible submission and
select a Division Club President of the year. The Division shall forward the club’s
Nomination Form and documentation of the division recipient to the chairman of the Past
District Governors and Directors Committee no later than September 30.

d) The Past District Governors and Directors Committee shall select on District recipient.

If you have any questions about whether or not your club would be eligible or have a general
question about any of the OF THE YEAR awards, you can email Immediate Past District
Director John Bauer at jbauer@d42tm.org


Get into the new world of the professional speech performed by one of the most experienced speakers in the industry Russ Dantu.


Wednesday, July 11th, from 12 pm to 1 pm.


Transformers Toastmasters Club, Calgary Technologies Inc, 3553, 31st St NW.  Boardroom 2/3




Why is the Open House so important? 


Why should you use video and photo to promote your club or district?



Want to know more about Russ, visit https://russdantu.com/


Pathways Assistants


The Pathways learning experience is a reality in all of Toastmasters. After years of anticipation the new Toastmasters Education Program has rolled out in every district worldwide. Several thousand Toastmasters have taken their initial assessment and enrolled in one of the ten paths. Pathways Ambassadors and Guides are working with clubs to assist club leaders and their members with a smooth transition.

At the end of July 2018 Ambassadors and Guides will have fulfilled their responsibilities to the clubs. The District’s leaders believe clubs will continue to need some support as their members navigate the new world of Pathways. In order to provide support, District 42 is looking for Pathways Assistants. These assistants will be paired with Division and Area Directors for the 2018-19 Toastmaster year.  They will become part of the Division or Area Director’s team to help clubs fully transition to Pathways.

Pathways Assistant Duties.

Pathways Division Assistants (Education Assistant to Division Director)

​As an integral member of the Division Director team, the Pathways Division ​Assistants works closely with the Chief Ambassador, Program Quality Director, ​and Division Director, while partnering with their division’s Pathways Area Assistants to assist ​clubs with their Pathways needs.

  • Assist the Division Director with regard to club implementation of the Pathways learning experience.
  • Act as liaison between Area Assistants and the Chief Ambassador and Program Quality Director.
  • Work directly with the Pathways Area Assistants on Pathway issues and education needs.
  • Support the Division Directors’ education goals with regard to Pathways.
  • Work with the Division Director, Area Directors, Pathways Area Assistants and club leaders to develop and monitor an effective support system.
  • Remain current on Pathways program enhancements, and communicate them to the Division’s Area Assistants, using training sessions, council meetings and other communication methods which may be appropriate.
  • Submit all Pathways questions, concerns and enquires to Chief Ambassadors and Program Quality Director.

Pathways Area Assistant (Education Assistants to Area Directors)

​As an integral member of the Area Director’s team, the Pathways Area Assistant​works closely with the Program Quality Director, Pathways Division Assistant, ​Club Executive team and Club members to enhance members experiences in ​Pathways.

  • Assist the Area Director with regard to club implementation of the Pathways learning experience.
  • Act as the point of contact to assist the Area’s clubs in developing Pathways training sessions and new member orientation plans.
  • Collaborate with the Division Assistant to develop a process for club training, reporting and for support including guidelines on how to handle Pathway issues.
  • Support Vice President Education, Club Presidents and or club Executive teams by scheduling regular visits or virtual support sessions.
  • Conduct club visits to raise awareness and build membership excitement for the education program focusing on the “how”, “where”, “what”.
  • Work with club executive team on base camp manager duties and processes.
  • Submit all Pathways questions, concerns and enquires to the Pathways Division Assistant.

Term of Office:  July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

If you are interested in becoming a Pathways Assistant please contact the District 42 Pathways Chief Ambassador, Chuck LeBlanc at d42pathways@d42tm.org.

District 42 2018/2019 Leadership Team


We want you to join our team!  Contact us at DistrictExecutive@d42tm.org.

Click Here to see the list of Area and Division Directors.


District 42 2018/2019 Leadership Team

Role Description

District Executive Leadership Team

District Director Catherine Secundiak, DTM Responsible for directly administering and overseeing the district’s day-to-day operations, finances and human resources.
Program Quality Director Dunstant B.F. Taylor, DTM Responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district. This includes supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program and planning, organizing and executing the district conference. Additionally, the program quality director is responsible for promoting and supporting club quality and member retention.
Club Growth Director Christina Kruis, DTM Responsible for all aspects of marketing, club building and club-retention efforts within the district. This includes defining an overall marketing strategy for the district, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing community and corporate clubs and penetrating new markets. Additionally, the club growth director supports challenged clubs and helps them to become Distinguished.
Public Relations Manager Terry Kozlyk, DTM Responsible for coordinating publicity efforts in the district. By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the district and its members, as well as between the district and the public, you work to increase awareness of Toastmasters through all available media

Administration Team

Finance Manager Kevin Safinuk, DTM Tasked with the fiscal oversight and management of the district. The finance manager works closely with the district director, program quality director and club growth director to ensure that the district is making cost effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management.
Administration Manager Nicole Guyett, ACS, ALB Responsible for maintaining the historical records of the district, recording and distributing meeting minutes and otherwise maintaining accurate, timely records of district business.
Logistics Manager Nicholas Chapin, ACB The logistics manager selects meeting locations and organizes the room, ensuring the atmosphere is conducive to successful events, such as business meetings, speech contests and training. The logistics manager sets up necessary equipment, assists district leaders with meeting arrangements, distributes program materials, keeps track of district property and addresses disruptions during events. Proven abilities in organization and diplomacy are a must for this role.
Immediate Past District Director Johnathan Bauer, DTM The immediate past district director provides counsel and guidance to district leaders and plans, directs and organizes projects and committees as requested by the district director. One of the major responsibilities of this role is to ensure the incoming district director receives all pertinent district documents prior to June 30. Other responsibilities include serving as a member of the district executive committee and district council, upholding the bylaws and policies of Toastmasters International, encouraging dedicated members to accept leadership positions and helping the district achieve Distinguished recognition.
District Alignment Committee Brad Korbo, DTM Prepares alignment proposal (alignment of clubs into Areas and Divisions) and submits to district executive committee prior to the district council meeting.
District Audit Committee *Position Available* Reviews financial results and performs with mid-year and year-end audits
District Leadership Committee *Position Available* Nominates candidates for District office
District Procedures Committee Johnathan Bauer, DTM Oversee sub-committees to review the District 42 Procedures including:
As per recommendations of the 2017/2018 District Conference Rotation Committee, review Article 3: Awards including the “Of the Year” awards.
As per recommendations of the 2017/2018 District Procedures Committee, review Article 7: District Communications.
Review and assess financial procedure changes to Article 8: Finances from April 28, 2018 District Council Meeting.
District Credentials Committee Johnathan Bauer, DTM; Doris Henn, DTM Oversees the credentials process during the District Council Meetings.
Parliamentarian *Position Available* The parliamentarian assists the district director with planning and conducting district meetings. Working with Toastmasters International, the responsibilities of the parliamentarian include interpreting Toastmasters bylaws and policies, reviewing district operating procedures as requested by the district director, and ensuring all meetings follow proper protocol. The parliamentarian is an invaluable resource for the district director, offering help, guidance and support during meetings and answering any questions the district director has related to rules and procedures. Members who assume this role must have a thorough understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.
Eventbrite Administrator *Position Available* Create and schedule public events on the D42 account and set up access for event organizers. Assist event organizers with basic functionality, support and training on how to use features.
Sharepoint Administrator *Position Available* Upload content to D42 Sharepoint and test to ensure content is displayed correctly.
Zoom Conference Scheduling *Position Available* Schedule conference calls using D42 account. Assist with basic functionality, support and training on how to use features like mute, sharing screen, etc

Program Quality Team

Circle of Gold Resource Darlene Davies, DTM Training members of your team on Circle of Gold speeches, evaluations and table topic excellence. Create 1 Circle of Gold per Division, with collaboration with each Division director. Ensure Division Directors have the support they need to provide Circle of Gold for contest preparation. Provide training plans, information and support for Circle of Gold team members per Division. Plan and provide Circle of Gold training session dates per division.
District Chief Judge V. Lynne Herzog, ACG, ALB Find equal and represented judges for Spring contests, (note 4 contests). Work and coordinate with the District 42 Contest Chair to ensure fair club, area, division and district contests. Build your teams to ensure Judges, Timers and ballot counters are trained. Provide script, resources and support as per Toastmaster website, rules and procedures for as a Chief Judge.
District Contest Chair Constance Paus, DTM Find Toastmasters for each of the 4 contests, collect information from Division Directors and ensure eligibilities for all contestants. Work and coordinate with the District 42 Chief Judge to ensure all club, area, division and district contests follows Toastmasters procedures, rules and provide resources were necessary. Build your teams to ensure all contests are runs smoothly and fairly.
Pathways Chief Ambassador Charles LeBlanc, DTM Chief Ambassadors provide leadership and support for their team of Ambassadors, enabling them to answer member questions and schedule visits with their assigned clubs.
Recognition & Incentive Chair Pele Williams, ACS, ALB Coordinate and work with the Program Quality Director for Quality Recognition. Prepare and recognize members & clubs during Spring Conference and throughout the year, based on District 42 Recognition program for Quality. Timely Recognition and Announcements. Showcase Clubs, Members, Areas and Divisions that are doing exciting, engaging and empowering activities. Develops and executes program for recognizing member accomplishments. Oversees awards program at District conferences. May coordinate with the Club Growth Director on shared club incentive or recognition.
Spring Conference Chair Lynn Halstead, CC, ALB The Conference Chair is the overseer of the conference. The Conference Chair (along with the Program Quality Director) has overall responsibility for coordinating the conference.  You lead a committee which may include, but is not limited to, the following:  Registration Chair, Program Chair, Facilities Chair, Publicity Chair, Education Chair, Volunteer Chair, Sponsorship Chair
Member Experience and Mentor Program Chair *Position Available* Ensures that clubs have materials and information they need to create a formal member mentoring program.  Facilitate leadership mentoring opportunities throughout the district. Ensure members are being heard and having the “best ever” experience in Toastmasters.  This includes collecting feedback and evaluations from members and clubs on how well the district is serving their needs. Support the District, Division Directors and Area directors on Mentors Training needs members.  Support the Program Quality Director on Coaches Training needs for members.
Club & Member Showcase Coordinator *Position Available* Oversee the compiling of club and member achievements, activities, best practices, good marketing ideas, etc. for inclusion on the District “Club and Member Showcase” webpage – to recognize Member and Club contributions to the District success
District Leadership and Training Chair Geetha Nicodemus, DTM Work with the Program Quality Director and Division Directors to conduct gap analysis of the training needs in Alberta/Saskatchewan.  Compile and distribute the training guidelines, Training Schedule and Training trainers for the events with Division Directors.  Working with the Division Directors, compile/coordinate dates of Club Officer Training and Leadership Training sessions in Alberta and Saskatchewan, confirm event with Area Director and Division Director (HPL opportunities for our members)

Club Growth Team

Club Emergency Rescue Officer *Position Available* Create club exit survey and support struggling Clubs. Educate on club membership building, service and club needs. Set teams of Toastmasters to tell personal stories, values, benefits. Plan membership campaign with struggling clubs, before TMI dues deadline. Look for trade show and membership opportunities. Analyze, investigate and report issues, concerns and problems of struggling clubs.
Club Extension Committee *Position Available* This committee is responsible for one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy—generating, managing and tracking leads.
Club Sponsor Committee *Position Available* This committee recruits, trains and tracks sponsors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process.
Club Mentor Committee *Position Available* This committee recruits, trains and tracks mentors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process.
New Club Team Officer *Position Available* Work with CGD, Division and Area Directors to find opportunities for new clubs. Assist with organizing Demonstration meetings for new clubs, train club executives, so they have a firm understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Set up templates and forms archives library for new clubs.
Club Coach Committee *Position Available* This committee recruits and trains club coaches and consultants to help them develop action plans to aid their assigned clubs. Potential coaches and their locations may be identified from the district’s roster of club members. You can download this roster as a spreadsheet; then sort both by education award (to look for ALBs working on their ALSs) and address (to match them with clubs that meet the requirements for a club coach).
Club Membership and Marketing *Position Available* Responsible for Club Growth and Membership PR. Assist Club Emergency Rescue Officer. Coordinate Club Growth team marketing with Division Directors, Area Director and Club Executives
Marketing Incentive Officer *Position Available* Plan the District Incentives for clubs or individuals growing or starting new clubs. Showcase individuals who start new clubs in District newsletters and conference. Coordinate and communicate with Club Growth, PR Marketing Director and District Marketing Team on all district marketing and incentives.  Work with Program Quality Director on Education Incentives.
Youth Leadership Peter-Mark Bennett, ACB Works closely with District Leadership to generate new Youth Leadership opportunities with the local community (libraries, schools, special interest groups). Responsible for overseeing the quality of all Youth Leadership programs by training and mentoring individual YLP coordinators and facilitators.
Speechcraft Coordinator *Position Available* Works closely with District Leadership to generate new Speechcraft opportunities with the local community (libraries, special interest groups). Works with clubs to educate on the benefits of Speechcraft for membership building and promoting Speechcrafts.  Responsible for overseeing the quality of all Speechcraft programs by training and mentoring Speechcraft coordinators and facilitators.

Public Relations Team

Branding Manager *Position Available* To review, approve and recommend branding for articles, posters, websites, etc by referring to the TI branding guidelines and ensure all content released complies with the TI Brand Guidelines document online at Toastmasters International.
Webmaster Tran Nguyen The webmaster assists the district director and club growth director with updates to the district website. Although the district director is the publisher of the district website and ultimately responsible for its content, the webmaster plays an important role in maintaining the website. This involves posting district announcements, removing outdated content and troubleshooting functionality issues. Members who typically excel in this role are Internet savvy and creative.
Facebook Manager Marvin Henry, DTM;
Bev Ward, DTM
Promote D42 by posting articles of events and news
YouTube Editor *Position Available* Capture, create and post videos promoting D42 events, activities and members. Ensure any member profiled sign the official TI video release form found on the TI website
Twitter Lead *Position Available* Send tweets with links to current articles posted on the D42TM Website, Facebook, LinkedIn or club website
LinkedIn Lead *Position Available* Compose, write, edit and post articles on LinkedIn of past or upcoming D42TM events or activities
FreeToastHost Ambassador *Position Available* Promote the proper usage and setup of FreeToastHost for clubs with no website – Provide support when clubs have questions or problems trying to maintain their club website – Ensure club central on TI has the proper contact information for each D42 club so contact requests made on TI’s “Find A Club” are funneled to the correct club for prompt response. Test and ensure all links are correct and function as intended for our clubs on Club Central on TI website.
Article Writer/Editor Shuchita Ukidave, CC, CL Research, write, edit and publish articles 200 to 300 words promoting D42 TM events, members, activities, programs, community involvement. These articles may be for the D42 monthly blast (email), website, youtube, facebook or for general distribution.


Division and Area Leadership Opportunities

Division Director Lead and support the division through the supervision and support of the area directors. One of your primary goals as division director is to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, you coordinate division activities, set division goals and assist in the training of area and club leaders
Pathways Division Assistant As an integral member of the Division Director team, the Pathways Division Assistants works closely with the Chief Ambassador, Program Quality Director, Division Director, while partnering with a Pathways Area Assistant to help and prepare clubs for their Pathways needs in their Area/Division.  More information can be found here: https://d42tm.org/2018/06/26/pathways-assistants/
Program Quality Division Assistant Assisting the Division Director in Program Quality and may include: Promoting members’ achievement of education awards (for example, by sending congratulatory notes to award winners); Support area directors in enhancing club quality (for example, by presenting Moments of Truth (Item 290) at club meetings); Ensure area directors visit each club in their areas at least twice a year and submit an Area Director’s Club Visit Report; Encouraging areas to meet their Distinguished goals (for example, by  sending gift certificates for the Toastmasters online store to areas that become Distinguished); Coordinating and conducting division speech contests (for example, by creating a program for the contest)
Club Growth Division Assistant Assisting the Division Director in Club Growth and may include: Helping area directors ensure club dues are submitted on time (for example, by contacting area directors as the deadlines approach); Helping maintain 20 or more members in each club (for example, by sharing best practices of other areas); Assisting area directors with member retention programs (for example, by promoting district events to broaden the member experience); Helping area directors to strengthen weak clubs (for example, by directing area directors to club coach candidates outside their areas); Promoting club growth (for example, by identifying leads in the community)
Division Website Authors Write articles about Division activities with pictures for posting onto the D42 website.
Division Chief Judge Chief Judge for the Division Contests.  A resource to help train and prepare judges for all contests in the Division (club, area and division).
Division Circle of Gold Coordinator Establish a Circle of Gold group for members throughout the Division.  More information about Circle of Gold and what a coordinator does can be found here:  https://d42tm.org/circleofgold/
Area Director Serve as the direct liaison between the district and the clubs.  Area directors conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs. In turn, these visits help district leaders understand how to support and meet the needs of each club. It is important that area directors have the support they need to serve clubs. The success of the district depends on it.
Pathways Area Assistant As an integral member of the Area Director’s team, the Pathways Area Assistant works closely with the Program Quality Director, Pathways Division Assistant, Club Executive team and Club members to enhance members’ experiences in Pathways.  More information can be found here: https://d42tm.org/2018/06/26/pathways-assistants/
Program Quality Area Assistant Assist the Area Director with Program Quality and may include:  Promoting members’ achievement of education awards (for example, by  posting accomplishments on the area website); Encouraging clubs toward their Distinguished goals (for example, by  keeping apprised of the clubs’ status through online reports at www.toastmasters.org/reports); Coordinating and conducting speech contests (for example, by choosing a venue for the area speech contest)
Club Growth Area Assistant Assist the Area Director with Club Growth and may include: Ensuring club dues are submitted on time (for example, by checking the online reports and following up); Helping maintain 20 or more members in each club (for example, by sharing best practices of membership-building in other clubs); Directing member retention programs (for example, by encouraging club officers to assign mentors to new members); Strengthening weak clubs (for example, by helping find club coaches); Promoting club growth (for example, by contacting local organizations about how Toastmasters could benefit them)




Club Officer Training Dates

Have you been elected as a Club officer this year?
See the dates/locations below to find out more about a club officer training and register for session convenient for you!


Calgary Jun 9 (Div A)

Division A Club Officer Training


Calgary Jun 13 (Div D)

Division D Club Officer Training


Calgary Jun 16 (Div F)

Division F Club Officer Training


Regina Jun 16 (Div B)

Division B Club Officer Training


Lethbridge Jun 16 (Div D)

Division D Club Officer Training – Lethbridge


Calgary Jun 20 (Div C)

Division C Club Officer Training


Calgary Jun 26 (Div E)

Division E Club Officer Training

2018/2019 – Nominated District 42 Candidates

Congratulations to the members listed below for being nominated for 2018-2019 District Leadership. These candidates have been nominated by the District Leadership Committee.


To learn more about each candidate click on their biography and do not forget to attend the candidate showcase on Friday April 27, 2018 during the Spring Convention. Each one of these members will be seeking your vote at the District 42 Council Meeting on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Any additional candidates not on this list may still campaign, participate in the candidate showcase, and run from the floor at the district business meeting

District Director Catherine Secundiak Click Here
Program Quality Director Dunstant Taylor Click Here

Club Growth Director Christina Kruis Click Here
Ryan Rupchan Click Here
Division A Director
Division B Director Laurel Wingert Click Here
Division C Director
 Division D Director
Division E Director Lynette Theriault Click Here
 Division F Director


If you are still interested in running for any of the District Leadership Positions, reach out to the District Leadership Committee at DLC@d42tm.org

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