Pathways Are Evolving!

Pathways, the Toastmasters education program, is designed to help members build public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. Members access educational materials digitally through Base Camp, the online system where Pathways lives.

Base Camp, the online system where Pathways is accessed, is moving to a new learning management system (LMS) early next year. This will lay the foundation for many exciting improvements to the Pathways learning experience, including easier platform navigation, more frequent content updates, and a future mobile application. We can now share more changes coming with the new LMS next year.

The change will be in the first half of 2024. Here is a summary of details on the change on Pathways:

The Paths being retained in the new LMS:

  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Engaging Humor
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Presentation Mastery
  • Persuasive Influence
  • Visionary Communication

Paths being dropped:

  • Effective Coaching
  • Innovative Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Team Collaboration

If a member has already purchased one of these paths, they will automatically get the updated Level 1 content when the platform transitions to the new LMS.

Any member already working in a different path before the launch of the new LMS will still be able to access their educational content, complete projects, and submit for level and path completions directly from the new LMS. 

A few items stored on Base Camp won’t transfer from the current version to the new LMS. You might want to act now to save them for later access:

  • Feedback sent on Base Camp– If you have comments, constructive feedback, or encouragement you would like to reference later, take a screenshot, or copy and paste the text of the feedback elsewhere.
  • Documents uploaded to My Documents– If you had previously uploaded files you would like to reference them later or save them in the new version of Base Camp, download them from your My Documents folder and save them to your device. When the new Base Camp is available, you’ll be able to upload your files there.
  • Assess Your Skills– In the new version of Base Camp, projects will be redesigned, and the Assess Your Skills activity included in your projects will be replaced with a new type of before and after reflection. If you would like to reference any of your Assess Your Skills answers after the transition, be sure to record them now, either by taking a screenshot or recording them in another manner.
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style or Understanding Your Communication Style projects– The answers to the questionnaires in these projects will not transfer to the new system. If you would like to reference them later, go into the project, take a screenshot of your results, or record them in another manner.
  • Story Collection Tool in the Engaging Humor path– The information you recorded here will not be available in the new Base Camp. Please copy, paste, and store it elsewhere if you would like to access it later.
  • Meeting Roles– If you would like a record of meeting roles you’ve logged on to Base Camp, please save your record elsewhere.

Daisy Wei, DTM
D42 Program Quality Director

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