On June 30, 2020, Darlene Davies, DTM, stepped down as the D42 Circle of Gold Core Team Leader and announced a new COG leader for District 42.

Darlene was honoured to announce Laura Chambers is taking on the role of D42 Circle of Gold Core Team Leader for 2020-2021. Please give a warm welcome to Laura. She is raring to go, enthusiastic and full of ideas about how Circle of Gold can continue to grow in our District and beyond its borders.

Behind Circle of Gold

Darlene and members of her club developed the COG concept in 2001. They then evolved COG into a Division E project. In 2015, the dream to take COG across the District became a reality as a result of Darlene’s HPL project. Since then hundreds of contestants, feedback teams and volunteers experience the power of COG. Testimonials from participants attest to how attending truly helped them grow as speakers and evaluators. Furthermore, it is often reported that the surprise outcome was the flowering of fellowship amongst competitors. Certainly the quality of speeches has grown year after year.

Darlene stated, “Our Circle of Gold team has been outstanding. Nandini, Val, Brad and Geetha provided inspiration, encouragement and support to everyone they met but especially to me. Thank you from the depths of my heart!”

Darlene continues her involvement in Circle of Gold as Vince kindly invited her on his Division E Team. Additionally, she will also be available to support Laura and her team as needed.

Moving Forward

“I can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding and uplifting leadership experience that I have ever had. Thank you to everyone for making this all happen. Thank you also to Catherine Secundiak, Chuck LeBlanc, Christina Kruis, and many other past District Executive members for your support and guidance.”

“All the best in 2020-2021! You have a dynamic new leader in Laura.” Darlene Davies

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