Is it me, or is it hard to believe that it is December and that we are almost half way through our Toastmaster year?!   I love December because it’s when we take a bit of a breather and gather for the holidays with friends and family.   I also love what the holiday season is about – hope and faith. 

KEEPING OUR TOASTMASTERS FAMILY TOGETHERThere is a lot of reason for faith in District 42.  We have not let the changes in the last couple of years stop us from finding a way to keep our Toastmasters family together.  We still have clubs who continue to meet and look forward to the future, where members continue to give excellent speeches and where new members discover how Toastmasters can help them tackle communication and leadership challenges.  We have had 211 new members join our clubs this year which is more new members than all but one other District in our region. 

We have also started a new club, PwC Canada Speech Squad, which chartered with an incredible 28 new members – 8 more than charter strength!   We welcome them at this special time of year to the D42 Toastmasters family.

I have faith in our District and in the clubs in our District but most importantly in each and every member.  We are the strongest District in our Region because of the dedication and commitment of each and every member in our District.   When we participate in a meeting, when we fill a role, we support the very leaders we admire.   When we gain experience and then take the leap to the next step, we support the future of District 42, while also developing our competence and confidence.   I followed the best of the best in my journey to become your District Director because although I doubted my ability, I trusted those who were guiding me.  

I know what we can achieve as a District because I have already seen phenomenal leaders and speakers.  I am inspired by those around us in our District.  I am excited about what we will achieve together next year.   I look forward to seeing members complete levels and paths in Pathways, to seeing clubs who become Distinguished and to seeing new leaders take on new opportunities.   I hope you find peace and joy over the holidays and I thank you for being a part of our Toastmasters family.

Katrina Aburrow, DTM
District Director (2021-2022) | District 42
Toastmasters International


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