Marketing and growing membership of your club.

We can all learn from successful clubs in our district and other districts. We heard many talks on these areas, and we could need some more tweaking or adjustments on how we do things. So here are some of those valuable tips we have seen achieved success:

  • Doing more referrals. 80% of the guests who join Toastmasters meetings are through referrals. This is how we use the good old-fashioned word of mouth for marketing our club.
  • Adding more variety and fun in our meetings. Perhaps we have not tried them all. See the attached document for other ideas like themed meetings, special meetings, and educational events.
  • Focusing on the quality of our meetings to ensure a pleasant and positive customer experience.

Read more on these from this article.  

Growing our club is indeed a continuous activity, and that is how flourishing clubs ensure their sustained successes.

 Eugene Sicat, Club Growth Director District 42

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