We are working on the list of winners of the Club Fitness club incentive so look forward to hearing more about those incentive winners in the January Dispatch.   Now that clubs have finished working on the Club Fitness incentive, it is exciting to announce the next opportunity for clubs to work together to achieve a District award – the Go Getter Award.  The Go Getter Award is given to any club that achieves a minimum of 5 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points before Jan 31.   That means every club has the next two months to get 5 or more DCP points before the end of January, 2022 to win the Go Getter award and get a ribbon for your club banner from Toastmasters International AND a Toastmasters HD USB webcam/microphone from District 42.

Last year we had 32 clubs win the Go Getter Award; maybe your club could be a winner this year.   As of November 11, we have six clubs who already have 4 DCP points and only need one more to win the Go Getter Award.  We have five clubs who already have 5 or more DCP points so feel free to reach out to these clubs to discover their formula for success – Canorators has 5 DCP points, Calgary Pacesetters, Westhills and Bedstone Olympics have 6 DCP points and Dynamically Speaking has 9 DCP points!   To find out how many points your club has – google Toastmasters Dashboard, go to the Select a District drop down at the top right corner and select District 42; click on club performance and scroll down until you find your club – the goals met are the DCP points your club has so far this year.   

How does your club earn more DCP points?   Your members can give Pathways speeches, complete levels and with enough levels completed by your members, earn Education DCP points,; Points can also be earned by signing up new members and by having Executive members attend Club Officer trainings.  On the club performance report, you can click on your club to see a report for just your club; this report will give you more details about what your club can do to earn more DCP points.   A Toastmasters webcam/microphone could be really helpful for your club to win so that you are even more prepared when the time comes to hold hybrid meetings!   Good luck working together to meet your individual Toastmaster goals while also helping your club to win a webcam!

Katrina Aburrow, DTM
District Director (2021-2022) | District 42
Toastmasters International


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