It’s That Time of Year Again

Hello & Greetings My Friends of District 42,

Music, decorations, hustle & bustle, excitement, lights, good spirits, family, & friends all are part of the upcoming season. No matter where you are, the Christmas season is filled with myriad activities.

In the greater scheme of things, family & friends, are the icing on the cake. The cake, the base for all the above trimmings, is the feeling we have of being blessed; for living in a country which gives us the freedom to celebrate what we have & to dream of better things to come.
George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last, you create what you will.”

When we started this year’s journey in July, each of us imagined what we wanted to achieve during the year. Most of us are Toastmasters to improve our lives through better communication & leadership. This incorporates more self-confidence, finding our unique voice, as well as many incidental goals along the way. These goals never go away because we never reach perfection.

As a newly installed District Director, I received advice about having a vision for District 42. I was told to dream big.
My ‘vision’ for us is:

  • All clubs to reach charter strength;
  • All clubs are to be Distinguished;
  • All club Executives are to be Toastmaster-trained.

My Accomplishments

As I reflect on the past six months, I ask myself, “What have I accomplished?” The answer is nothing. I have accomplished ‘nothing’ because each of you—from club member to Area Director to Division Director to District Leadership team—has done the work. Members are completing speech projects with Pathways. Club Executives have attended the training. Area Directors have completed Area Visits Reports after visiting their respective clubs. Area Directors & Division Directors have organized training & contests. These are simply the most visible events; much more behind-the-scenes activity is necessary to reach goals.

Each member, club, area, & division is integral to the success of District 42.

  • YOU are elemental in building & sustaining clubs.
  • YOU make our Toastmasters world go round.
  • YOU are the difference between a good member experience and a not-so-good one.
  • The key to everything is YOU.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do, and for your dedication & commitment.

As we wind down our second quarter we can reflect on our successes, and celebrate them, yet look forward to what we can accomplish in the next six months.

Powerful Stories—the keys to hope & inspiration

Our new initiative, Powerful Stories—the keys to hope & inspiration, announced early in December asks you to submit your success stories.

Answer two questions:

  1. What have you done at Toastmasters? (achievements)
  2. How has Toastmasters made an impact on your career or life?

You can send us a 1-2 minute video or a written response. These will be posted each week & featured on our website.

Our goal is to have 200 stories by February. Are you game? I’d love to hear your story. We will have a ‘Best of the Week’ with fabulous prizes awarded (yet to be determined). Send your video or written story to Chuck LeBlanc at

There are so many things I’d like to say to you, but space is limited, so let me just say:

Merry Christmas      Feliz Navidad      Joyeux Noel     Maligayang Pasko!       Mele Kalikimaka

 And an extraordinary New Year.

Bev LeBlanc, DTM
District Director 2022-2023

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