Upcoming events and initiatives

We made the first half of our Toastmasters period with all our members’ participation and perseverance.  

We are grateful for doing what you do to make our district outstanding.

Upcoming events and initiatives:

Leadership Training

We have the Leadership training scheduled in our district, and you can check our Events Calendar (link) for the details and registration.  The training dates are: Jan 20, Feb 4, and Feb 22

Alternatively, suppose none of those schedules fits, you can also check the training that is available in other districts that you can find on the Region 4 website: http://www.regioniv.net/calendar.html 
where some of the available training dates are: Jan 5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 28, 30 and 31, __,  or in the slide deck from District 6 “D6 Round 2 Club Officer Training Dates”, where the available training dates are: Jan 19, 26, and 28, Feb 2, 8, 16, and 25. To ensure getting the training credit for your club, including the PQD email address (PQD@d42tm.orgin the registration or Zoom display name when you attend these training from other districts.

While these training are initially catered for club executive officers, we encourage all our members to attend them as there are skills you can gain from these training even if you are not currently an executive officer of your club.


We know most of our members are already adapting Pathways to further their education.  We are also seeing that we can do better, so we will hold a monthly session on Pathways, and the first one is scheduled for Jan-30.  Please refer to this link for more details: link

Recognition and incentives: 

Let us congratulate the clubs who have achieved at least 5 DCP points to date:



DCP Go-Getter Award 2023-2024

We encourage all to attend any of the January leadership training by Jan 31, as mentioned in the first section above to gain another DCP point for your club. We already have some members who attended the leadership training in Dec in other districts and we already gave them credits for it.  Let us all continue to do so.  Even if we pertain to the DCP point, as you heard as say before, it is not about the points.  It is about preparing ourselves on how we can better serve our fellow members.

Eugene Sicat,
District 42 Program Quality Director

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