Join our team by being a Club Coach

We are always looking for experienced Toastmasters who can coach a club to rebuild membership and restore quality to the club environment.

A few months ago, we launched the HPL callout headed by our past International director, Jacquie Schnider, and current Area Director, Mark Ward. We received some interest, and we hope to gain momentum soon. If you missed the presentation on it, please see the summary and the link to the details HERE.

The HPL callout is essentially an encouragement to use the High-Performance Leadership (HPL) project toward some tasks that a Club Coach handles typically. For example, your project could include building membership, retaining membership, or ensuring quality in club meetings. By segregating the club coach tasks among several individuals doing this HPL project, we lighten each person’s load towards helping the club. At the same time, we are expecting to increase the capacity of leaders in our district.

I particularly like this quote from Walter Elliot – “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” Our vision is to find those individuals who will do these short steps with us. Together, we will do each course one after the other until we reach and achieve our ultimate goal. So think about it and reach out to us.

Eugene Sicat,
District 42 Club Growth Director

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