Recognition and appreciation of our members' contributions


Recognition of people’s efforts and accomplishments is crucial and should never be overlooked or underestimated. Many individuals go to great lengths to support others, often making significant sacrifices in their personal, professional, and family lives to help others reach their goals. Their dedication involves spending countless hours caring, planning, and thinking, efforts that deeply impact our Toastmasters community. We must remember and appreciate these contributions.

Recognizing such dedication is not only fair but also necessary. It fosters a culture of appreciation and encouragement, which can inspire others to contribute similarly. Acknowledgment of these efforts helps maintain the morale and motivation of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Our Past International President Ted Corcoran emphasized this sentiment in his podcast #215, stating that clubs with a strong desire to succeed typically find a way to achieve their goals. This desire is often fueled by the recognition and appreciation of the contributions made by members. When people feel valued and acknowledged, they are more likely to continue their hard work and inspire others to join in the effort.


Throughout the year, our district has recognized the efforts of outstanding members and clubs through various awards, such as the Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters, Club Fitness Award, 7 Out of 7, DCP Go-Getter Award, Club Coach, Recognized Area Director, Recognized Division Director, and more. These accolades highlight the exceptional dedication and achievements within our community, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.
This time, we are excited to invite everyone to nominate their fellow members for the prestigious Of The Year (OTY) awards. These awards celebrate excellence across several categories at both the club and district levels. At the club level, the categories include Rookie of the Year, Public Relations of the Year, and Toastmaster of the Year. Above the club level, the categories include Club President of the Year, Area Director of the Year and Division Director of the Year.

We encourage you to participate by nominating deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to our community. Recognizing their hard work not only honors their achievements but also inspires others to strive for excellence. For more details on the nomination process and criteria, please visit our D42 web page: Of the Year Awards – Toastmasters, District 42.

Please note that the deadline for club-level nominations is June 30, but we recommend submitting your nominations as early as possible to ensure they are considered. Let’s come together to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable efforts of our members!


In essence, recognizing contributions is not just about saying thank you; it’s about creating an environment where every effort is seen, valued, and rewarded. This practice not only honors those who have given so much but also sets a standard for future contributions, ensuring the continuous success and growth of our community.

Borrowing this famous quote from Robert McNamara, former American Secretary of Defense: “Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.” Our team thrives because of our hardworking, dedicated, and focused members. Their contributions are essential to our success. We will be even stronger if we ensure these talented individuals stay with us. By consistently showing our appreciation, we create an environment where they feel valued and motivated. Let us make it a priority to express our gratitude and support, ensuring that our team members know how much they mean to us. This will foster loyalty and encourage them to continue contributing their best to our collective goals.

Eugene Sicat, DTM 
District 42 District Director

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