Closing the Toastmasters Year with a Bang:

Join the Push for Good Standing

As the Toastmasters year draws to a close, with June 30 just around the corner, we find ourselves on the cusp of achieving something remarkable. We only need three more clubs to get back into good standing, and with your help, we can do it! This is a call to action for all our clubs: let’s rally together, plan engaging open houses, and bring in potential members.

Plan an Open House to Attract New Members

Hosting an open house is one of the most effective ways to boost membership. This event provides a perfect platform to showcase the benefits of Toastmasters, featuring guest speakers who can inspire and attract potential members. Highlighting personal growth stories, leadership development opportunities, and the vibrant community within Toastmasters can be compelling. By planning an engaging and well-publicized open house, you can draw in those looking for a place to improve their communication and leadership skills.

The Goal: 102 Paid Clubs by June 30

Our target is clear: we aim to have 102 paid clubs by June 30 to qualify as a Distinguished District. Achieving this milestone is not just about numbers; it’s about the strength and vitality of our Toastmasters community. Every club that reaches good standing contributes to our collective success and ensures that we continue to thrive and support each other in our personal and professional growth.

Exciting Incentives for the First 3 Clubs

To add to the excitement, we are offering an incentive to the first three clubs that get back into good standing by June 30. This is a fantastic opportunity to energize your members and reach out to former members or new prospects. The sooner your club meets the goal, the sooner you can claim your reward!

Beat the Clock Incentive

Running from May 1 to June 30, the “Beat the Clock” incentive is in full swing. This initiative encourages clubs to add five new, dual, or reinstated members by the end of June. But the incentives don’t stop there—clubs that gain between 2 to 4 members, 5 to 7 members, and 8 or more members will also receive exciting rewards. This is the perfect time to push for new members and enjoy the benefits that come with a growing and dynamic club.

Let’s End the Year on a High Note

There’s no better way to conclude the Toastmasters year than with a strong finish. Let’s work together, support each other, and ensure our district meets its goals. The sense of accomplishment and community spirit will be the ultimate reward.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan those open houses, reach out to potential members, and make sure your club is in good standing. Let’s end the year off with a bang and celebrate our collective success on June 30!

Together, we can achieve greatness and continue to inspire each other to new heights in our Toastmasters journey.

Debbie Stearns, DTM
D42 Club Growth Director

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