Teamwork drove the results when FCC Stubble Jumpers Toastmasters Club added nine new members in September. This brought our total membership number up to 24.  Before providing examples of what we did, we wanted to thank our members and our Executive (including Deborah, Laurel, Don, Korey, Alex, Isabelle and our immediate past President Arunima) for all their hard work.      

We started off the year with a strong base of 23 members to build on. This was from the previous year’s Executive Team’s hard work.  Although some members left the club, our approach and practices helped recruit new members.

Teamwork Works

Our overall approach and practices at FCC Stubble Jumpers include:

  • emphasizing personal and shared responsibility for recruiting. This is throughout the executive and the club membership.  We strongly felt that personal contact and a personal approach, involving everyone in the club, was the most successful way to recruit members. It works every year.
  • reviewing new employee lists and contacting new employees to let them know about our club. Consequently, we see if they were interested in joining our club.  Coincidently, this resulted in new members for our club last year as well.
  • using a Membership Committee to help develop and drive the overall approach to recruiting members.  Although the timing varies, this committee meets every two weeks with additional meetings as needed.
  • making the most of meetings being virtual now instead of physical allows us to recruit members that are not physically in Regina.  FCC employees are located in many different parts of the country. With our club  being a corporate club, this strategy has great potential to increase our membership while also helping members get to know colleagues across the country. Truly a win-win.
  • distributing various internal communications including newsletters, and internal postings. Additionally speaking to different groups about Toastmasters, to generally increase awareness of the club and the benefits we offer.
  • holding an Open House in September for potential new members to observe the club in action.

Looking to the Future

Going forward, while we are still looking for membership growth, we are also renewing focus on member engagement and helping our members meet their personal development goals. 

In summary, teamwork across our executive and members developed a multi-faceted approach to recruiting new members and by working together we successfully delivered results. 

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