Work Smarter, Not Harder

Creating Content Online

Cramped for time?  Consider allotting 2-3 hours one day a week/bi-weekly/monthly, dedicated to creating and scheduling posts.  Most social media sites allow you to schedule a post for a later date; this allows you to free up time in your schedule, so you do not have to commit time every day.  Check out the page insights to know when your followers are coming online the most to make sure your content is reaching the most people.

Tip:  Post early in the morning so that when people come online and their feed refreshes, your content is seen first.

Have a little extra in the budget?  Consider using a platform such as Social Pilot – a website that connects all your social media platforms in one spot.  On Social Pilot, you can create one post to be posted on one or all of your social media sites at once!

Not sure what to post?  If you are looking to fill up more days but need more content, consider the following:

  1. Resharing posts from District 42, other clubs, and/or Toastmasters International.
  2. Spruce up past posts and reshare the content you have already created.
  3. Create posts from the content in the District 42 Dispatch or Toastmasters Magazine.
  4. Check out the word of the day on the District 42 website (at the bottom of the page).

Happy Creating and Sharing!

Stacey Kaminski,
D42 Public Relations Manager

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