Your Town Hall

It is challenging to navigate through contentious topics, and we tend to shy away from them to avoid any headaches or woes; however, as leaders, we owe it to our members to face it and bring it out in the open.

Discussions can quickly become arguments, with people choosing sides. However, asking questions will create a bridge of understanding and respect. Sometimes, another person will recognize your sincerity and want to understand their perspectives and sentiments. This has encouraged them to ask questions and express their feelings. From our recent town hall events regarding the changes we may need on the number of contests we hold in our district each year, this has become transparent.

We heard different perspectives from diverse sides. We witnessed members respecting each other’s opinions. We heard various suggestions on where we could spend our energy, from mentoring members, building new leaders, mastering delegation, creating databases of volunteers, being creative in solving the volunteer’s fatigue problem, thinking outside the box, complying with the policy, and many more. We have always been more diverse with these ideas yet united in our goal: serving and doing what is best for our members.

For more details, you can find the minutes and recordings from our town hall here:

Borrowing from Deepak Chopra, “Every great change is preceded by chaos.” We could sense this chaos in our district now; however, we will emerge victorious. We will accept the chaos as fuel for the change we opportunely need. We will emerge united. We will find that change to achieve our distinction again as a district. 

Eugene Sicat, DTM 

District 42 Program Quality Director

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