The Distinguished Club Program is a road map to club success. Striving to attain the 10 prescribed goals helps create a dynamic club environment. Additionally, it provides a quality member experience. District 42 provides the Go-Getter Award to clubs who achieve 5 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points by January 31. 

Achieving at least 5 DCP points by January 31 gives clubs a great head-start on achieving Toastmasters International distinguished status. Now having already achieved the necessary points, focus can be directed at breaking down membership requirements into small steps and working on those.

Go-Getter Award Winners

Congratulations to the following clubs that earned the Go-Getter Award.

Division A

  • WPTM Communicators
  • Twin Rivers Club
  • Bow Valley Toastmasters Club
  • Lightning Strikes Toastmasters Club
  • MVP Advanced
  • Cranston Communicators

Division B:

  • Club 13 Toastmasters Club
  • FCC Stubble Jumpers Club
  • Downtowners Toastmasters Club
  • B. L. T. Toastmasters Club
  • Weekend Wordmasters

Division C:

  • Fifth Avenue Place Toastmasters Club
  • Chinook Club
  • Calgary Talking Toastmasters
  • CanOrators Toastmasters Club

Division D:

  • Dinosaurs Toastmasters Club
  • Dynamically Speaking Club
  • The Eyeopener Club
  • Fluor Communicators Club
  • Calgary Pace Setters Club
  • High River Toastmasters Club

Division E:

  • Igniters Club
  • Valley Echo Club
  • Literally Speaking
  • To the Point Club
  • Calgary Advanced Toastmasters

Westhills Club

Simply Speaking

Division F:

  • Airdrie Discovery Toastmasters Club
  • Bedstone Olympics Toastmasters Club
  • CREB Talkers Toastmasters Club
  • Speech hub Toastmasters
  • Inspired Toastmasters

7/7 Officers Trained

Leadership Training is conducted over a number of sessions, twice per year.  In should be noted, these training sessions are intended for every member of every club.  Additionally, a component of each Leadership Training session is officer-specific training, designed to teach and assist club leaders with their roles.

Admittedly, attending training shows a regard for the effective operation of a healthy club. Furthermore, training all seven officers takes both personal effort and team cooperation.  Moreover, District 42 recognizes this effort and offers congratulations to the following clubs* that trained their entire executive team in both the Summer/Fall and Winter sessions.  This success will be acknowledged with a banner ribbon and Toastmaster branded portfolio.

Division A

  • Waters Edge Toastmasters
  • Bow Valley Toastmasters Club
  • MVP Advanced

Division B

  • B. L. T. Toastmasters Club

Division D

  • Coulee Commentators Club

Division E

  • Igniters Club
  • Spoken Word Toastmasters Club
  • Verbal Gainz Toastmasters Club

Division F

  • Bedstone Olympics Toastmasters Club
  • Speech hub Toastmasters
  • Vibrant Speakers Club
  • WAAMtastic Toastmasters

*The club list is subject to amendment, as officer training cuts off at the end of February

Area Director Visits

Area Directors are your go-to resource for everything that is going on in the District.  If you have questions on contests, educational awards, Pathways, club management, recognition and incentives … they will help you find the answers.  Area Directors are to visit their clubs officially, twice per year and are there to help you. 

Area Directors are volunteers like the rest of us; if you haven’t heard from yours recently, reach out and invite them to your next club meeting!

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