A year ago, Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters was a Lethbridge based club, with a long record of President’s Distinguished status.  In place was a 4-person mentoring team, and 25 members. On average, 17 members and guests graced our meetings.  Today Dynamically Speaking is an Alberta based club with international connections. The difference is there is now a 13-person mentoring team and 37 members. Additionally, approximately 32 members and guests magically materialize, Thursdays at 6:45 a.m. (MST) 

What happened?  

Nothing more than, Covid, Zoom, and to paraphrase Hank Jr., the expanded application of a “family tradition.”

For more than a decade, Dynamically Speaking’s membership building strategy was simple. Extend a “warm personal invitation to a friend or co-worker from an enthusiastic member of a thriving club.”

Nothing changed with our “marketing tradition.” However, today we invite friends, from across the province, and around the globe to our fast-paced meetings.

Difference in geographical reach

A year ago, Dynamically Speaking had one member who lived more that 50 K from Lethbridge. Today we have 15 such members, from 4 different time zones. Currently for every new member we add from Lethbridge, we add a member from places like Fort McMurray, Spruce Grove, Red Deer, Calgary, Ensenada Mexico, and Cuenca Ecuador.

Rapid growth forces rapid response

Like most clubs we now utilize a talented 4-person tech team.  Another difference, unlike most clubs we now sport a 7-person writing and publicity team who promote club activities.

For instance, our new bi-weekly Monday Night Table Topics session. Affectionately know as “55 minutes of fun” garners great attention. Furthermore, as attendance soared at regular meetings, one-minute Table Topics were introduced to fit in more participants.  When this did not quell the clamour for Table Topics, the Monday evening event was created.  Proving popular, 16 Table Topic fanatics turn up on average for each scintillating episode.

Mentoring Magic

Our new members tell us they highly value our mentoring program. Hence it is one reason they recommend our club to their friends. With all the new members, our mentoring team has tripled, and we have initiated team mentoring.  Consequently, this scenario sees an experienced mentor joined by a driven newer member. Subsequently, together they befriend and teach the latest guest turned member. 

Any further difference?  

When asked why they have joined Dynamically Speaking, “newbies” reply with remarks like, “It’s the energy.” Toastmaster guests frequently comment, “How do you get so much done in an hour?” Succinctly stated, we believe in the power of preparation and enthusiasm!

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