A photo of a Zoom meeting with Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters

A year ago, Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters was a Lethbridge based club, with a long record of President’s Distinguished status.  In place was a 4-person mentoring team, and 25 members. On average, 17 members and guests graced our meetings.  Today Dynamically Speaking is an Alberta based club with international connections. The difference is there is now a 13-person mentoring team and 37 members. Additionally, approximately 32 members and guests magically materialize, Thursdays at 6:45 a.m. (MST)  What happened?   Nothing more …

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Explanation of DARE Journey

Ten area directors began their DARE journey not only to discover and enhance their leadership skills but also to be recognized for their journey. The recognition is the DARE award based on the four aspects of an Area Director journey. Develop (leadership style) Achieve (success plan) Relate (to clubs and members) Encourage (quality clubs)  The Journey Continues Although it has been a challenging year, they have journeyed well. The DARE award will recognize the effort which they have made and …

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