Ten area directors began their DARE journey not only to discover and enhance their leadership skills but also to be recognized for their journey. The recognition is the DARE award based on the four aspects of an Area Director journey.

  • Develop (leadership style)
  • Achieve (success plan)
  • Relate (to clubs and members)
  • Encourage (quality clubs) 

The Journey Continues

Although it has been a challenging year, they have journeyed well. The DARE award will recognize the effort which they have made and will make in the final five months.  In July 2020, they established their beginning (their base camp); and in June 2021 through their assessment of their journey, by the assessment of their clubs and by the area dashboard reports an ending point will be known.

The award is based upon:

  • the change from the beginning to the ending
  • their leadership journey
  • the extent to which they became a leader

Four Levels of Achievement

The DARE award has four levels of achievement, Competent, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • A ‘competent’ recipient is one who sustained their leadership during the year, staying at base camp within their comfort zone.
  • A ‘bronze’ recipient journeyed from their comfort zone and, becoming effective in their relationship with their clubs.
  • A ‘silver’ recipient journeyed far, put in noticeable effort, and is noted for their achievement in leading the area.
  • A ‘gold’ recipient journey significantly from base camp, putting in significant effort into developing relationship with the clubs.

DARE Award Evolving

The DARE award is a 2020-2021 initiative. The feedback from the participants will show how it can be improved.  As the goal of the award is to recognize all Area Directors for their effort, the award will continue to evolve. 

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