High Performance Leadership inspires and guides.  Good leaders build an environment where visions are developed. They support a team while goals are achieved. In other words, a leader who motivates others to join them and contribute, is a high performance leader.  Practise and grow your skills in real-world situations by doing a High Perfomance Leadership Project.

High Performance Leadership (HPL) Projects in District 42 create leaders. These leaders cultivate something new while enhancing valuable leadership wisdom for the future. Effective Coaching, Innovative Planning, and Persuasive Influence Paths include the HPL project.  In addition, the HPL is an elective in all other paths. Above all, understanding leadership is essential to completing this project, solving problems and stimulating progress successfully. Although leaders and managers appear to have the same roles, see some differences below.

HPL Leader vs Manager

Takes RisksControls Risks
Grows PersonallyRelies on Proven skills
Builds RelationshipsBuilds Systems and Processes
Creates FansHas Employees
Change AgentsMaintains Status Quo
William Arruda, Senior Contributor, Forbes

Will My Project be a Successful High Performance Leadership? 

Firstly identify the attributes of a leader and a manager.  Secondly, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Above all, are you are creating a vision or aiming to complete a goal? 
  • Is your project unique or are you copying what has been done before? 
  • Further, think are you building relationships or are you using systems and processes?
  • Similarly , do you advocate for change or are you maintaining the status quo? 
  • Finally, do you create fans as you lead?

Tips for High Performance Leadership Success

  • Invite others to be on your team
  • Lead and motivate team to successful completion of the project
  • Develop a plan, include well-defined goals and time lines
  • Delegate tasks to team members, support them step by step
  • Keep on track with this convenient HPL Check List by Lisa Branch, DTM and Marcy Field

High Performance Leadership Projects that Punch

  • Raise money for a charitable organization
  • Create a structured mentorship program
  • Write a blog with regular posts
  • Form the Circle of Gold for our District
  • Plan an event the builds community in your neighbourhood
  • Develop a summer reading program for children through your library
  • Plan an anniversary celebration
  • Design a conference committee public relations campaign
  • Organize a sporting competition or tournament
  • Initiate a speaker’s bureau for District 42

In short, District 42 encourages the use of HPL projects to develop your own leadership skills, style and experience.  Find a project that ignites your passion and then kindle a fire for success in others. In other words, try an HPL and make you a better leader today!

The greatest opportunity of leadership is developing other leaders.

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