Congratulations! Your Club has its own Zoom Account. Now what?

You will need to “sign in” with an ID and PW by creating an email address that can be used in the future by the club.  A suggestion would be  This means that this can be transferred at anytime to the member(s) who will be learning the settings and opening meetings.

 I would highly recommend this info be given to the executives who will open the meeting.  Perhaps the SAA and President, at a minimum, so that there is always someone who knows what to do and has a back up person to default to.

The password can be changed as needed.  Use one that is easy to remember.  If anyone changes the password, they must tell the others with access to the account or problems may occur.  I would recommend an executive meeting to make sure everyone agrees to the email address name and the password with how often the password needs to be changed.

When setting up meetings, you can have a recurring meeting until the year end or when the year is up for your club to pay the zoom account if you would like another year.  This will prompt the club to know when the fee will be due so the treasurer can pay if the club wants to renew.  With the recurring meeting, this will make sure the Meeting ID is always the same.  You can always edit any portion of the meeting set up.  Again, if a password change is needed, make sure everyone knows this has been done.

Meetings:   Edit meeting – create recurring meetings with the same info for each weekly meeting.  
Example: Nov 1, 2021 6:30pm Edmonton, Every week on Monday until Sep 12, 2022.

Go through the meeting information to set up your template to be used weekly as a recurring meeting.  You can add other meetings such as executive meetings, mentoring, Circle of Gold or any other club meeting that would benefit members.  By putting this info into the system, there will be no overlap.

Make sure you have your recordings set up the way you want.  The voice that says “Recording” can be turned on or off depending on preference.

Go through the whole list of settings.  Based on the needs of the club, these can be changed for security reasons, ease of use, contests etc.   Here are some basic areas you might want to look at.  Note each has varying options.

Waiting Room,  Chat, Send files via chat, Co-host controls, Screen sharing (who can share?), Renaming, What to do with removed participants, Hide profiles, Breakout room options, Custom disclaimer, etc.

If you go through the complete list of settings and do not understand something, there is always the help in zoom.  Also, if you work as a team with your zoom account, you will be able to support each other in learning as zoom is always updating your account to keep making it better all the time.  This would be a great speech to give for one of the ‘team’ speeches.

You can also join the D42 Tech Team to learn even more.    Have Fun with Zoom!

Susan Faber DTM,
Tech Division E

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