Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters

Like a beacon of light during this challenging time Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters has fostered communication, connection, and collaboration to its club members.

Our diverse membership, of fifty-three participants, range in age from their 20’s to their 70’s andjoin us from five countries and three continents. Currently, we are the second-largest Toastmasters Club in Canada. While we do love the “bragging rights” associated with a large club, this is secondary to the relationships we develop with each of our members and the value they receive from our work together.

We hold high-quality, high-energy meetings that live up to the name of our club – DYNAMIC!

The steady stream of guests, invited by our members, often comment on the positive vibegenerated during our hour-long Thursday morning meetings.  Guests are welcomed and encouraged to talk about their visits to our group meetings.  Soon after, they receive Zoom calls from our VP of Membership – no phone calls, as that’s so 20 th century! More often than not, these virtual connections result in gaining new members.

Our club boasts a unique mentoring program. This program has evolved from classic ‘one-on-one mentoring’ to ‘team mentoring’ and now on to ‘pod mentoring.’ A new member will receive an hour-long session explaining the Toastmasters website, the Pathways Program, and the management of individual roles and responsibilities at meetings. We strive to ensure our mentors connect with their mentees in a way that is effective in meeting their personal goals. This is the beginning of their journey along the pathway to success.

Our club has many unique offerings. As we began to grow, we added more speaking opportunities for our members. We began a joyful and relaxed evening to practice all things related to ‘Table Topics’ called 55 Minutes of Fun.  Several months later, our executive also dedicated a few Monday evenings a month for members to present their speeches. Once a month we also have 1 Step Up Monday Night where advanced Toastmaster topics are presented, such as how to get your DTM designation. In addition, we host a before and after communication session each Thursday. This “Before and After Eight” opportunity is where the connection happens!

Cheri Morrison,
Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters

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