D42 Fall Speech Contests Winners 2020 | Toastmasters, District 42

Fall Speech Contests are part of a long time tradition with Toastmasters. We are pleased to announce the winners of Toastmasters District 42 Division and Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics Speech contests. They will advance to compete in District 42 Finals. Make plans to watch the District Competition at the District 42 Success Summit | Conference 2021.



First Place – Ken Humphreys (Twin Rivers Toastmasters Club)

Second Place – Frances Welsh (Waters Edge Toastmasters)

Third – Diana North (WPTM Communicators)

TT Toastmaster – Amy Woo (Bow Valley Toastmasters)


First Place – Matt Yuckulic (Stan Talkers Toastmasters)

Second Place – Ken Humphreys (Twin Rivers Toastmasters)

Third Place – Vincent Varga (Glenmore R.S.V.P.)

TT Toastmasters – Emma Glover AD A10

Division B Table Topics Winners

First Place – Sesan Oyedale (FCC Stubble Jumpers)

Second Place – Marg Ustupski (B.L.T. Toastmasters Club)

Third Place – Nicole McLean (Queen City Toasters)

Division B Humorous Speech Winners

First Place – Brad Smart (Club 13)

Second Place – Laurel Wingert (Weekend Wordmasters)

Third Place – Lynnette Zotzman (B.L.T Toastmasters Club)


First Place – Karyn Silenzi (CanOrators Toastmasters)

Second Place – Grant Hanna (Chinook Toastmasters)

Third Place – Dawn Wharton (Bottom Line Club)


First Place – Judy Mooney (CanOrators Club)

Second Place – Robert Wong Tek Kong (Calgary Talking)

Third Place – Angie Hung (Toast Of The Town Club)

Humorous Toastmaster – Yuling Zhang (Chinook Toastmasters)

Division D Table Topics Winners

First Place – Shelley Werner (Fluor Communicators)

Second Place – Sally Papp (Downtown City Speakers)

Third Place – Tammy Nischuk (Dynamically Speaking)

Division D Humorous Speech Winners

First Place – Tammy Nischuk (Dynamically Speaking)

Second Place – Lisa Branch (Fluor Communicators)

Third Place – Gail Sherley (High River Toastmasters)

Division E Table Topics Winners

First Place – Harvey Taphorn (Literally Speaking)

Second Place – Katherine Jarrell (To The Point Club

Third Place – Christian Carello (Verbal Gainz)

Toastmaster – Nandini Venkatesan (Igniters Club)

District E Director – Vince Aliberti (Calgary Advanced Toastmasters)

Division E Humour Speech Winners

First Place – Tracy Hendsbee (Igniters)

Second Place – Kanak Khare (Spoken Word Toastmasters)

Third Place – David Blois (Westhills)

District E Director – Vince Aliberti (Calgary Advanced Toastmasters)

Division F Table Topics Winners

First Place – Alex Brown (Speech Hub Toastmasters)

Second Place – Kimberley Detmold (CREB Talkers)

Third Place – Lynette Theriault (Inspired Toastmasters)

Division F Humorous Speech Winners

First Place – Amanda Cronin (ShawMasters Toastmasters)

Second Place – Allan Moore (LIV Ad-Libs)

Third Place – Aamar Maqsood (Vibrant Speakers)



Congratulations to the following Toastmasters on winning their Fall Area Contests! What a tremendous job you did at District 42 Division Contests.

A01 Matt Yackulic (StanTalkers) Frances Welsh (Waters Edge)
A07 Jocelyn Venechuk (The Toast Office) Bill Van Der Straeten (3500 Foot)
A10 Sonia Siezien (Ignite Health) Diana North (WPTM Communicators)
A15 Ken Humphreys (Twin Rivers) Ken Humphreys (Twin Rivers)
A27 Vincent Varga (Glenmore RSVP) Nicola McCay (Glenmore RSVP)
B04 Nicole Barber (Civil Speakers) Donavon Johnson (Wascana)
B04 Donovan Johnson (Wascana) Justin McNally (Plains Toastmasters)
B09 Brad Smart (Club 13) Nicole McLean (Queen City Toasters)
B09 Kevin Safinuk (Wild Oats) Sesan Oyedale (FCC Stubble Jumpers)
B18 Lynnette Zotzman (B.L.T Toastmasters Club) Marg Ustupski (B.L.T. Toastmasters Club)
B18 Marg Ustupski (Toastmasters At Palliser) Bula Ghosh (Toastmasters At Palliser)
B24 Laurel Wingert (Weekend Wordmasters) Sherri Roberts (Wey Better Speakers
B24 Sherri Roberts (Wey Better Speakers) Harrison Lars-Hansen (UR Toastmasters)
C03 Mihir Shah (Fifth Avenue Place Toastmasters) Brandon Stutheit (Sundial Club)
C11 Robert Wong Tek Kong (Calgary Talking) Grant Hanna (Chinook)
C17 Judy Mooney (CanOrators) Karyn Silenzi (CanOrators)
C21 Angie Hung (Toast of the Town) Dawne Wharton (Bottom Line)
C22 Janet Dreye (Palliser) Luznel Velasqlez (The Regulators)
D02 Cecil Blackburn (Coulee Commentators) Joseph Helwig (Coulee Commentators)
D02 Michel Houenagnon (Coulee Commentators) Michel Houenagnon (Coulee Commentators)
D08 Trinda Bowes (Station 29) Juran An (Rivertown Criers)
D08 Adam MacDonald (Rivertown Criers) Trinda Bowes (Station 29)
D12 Tammy Nischuk (Dynamically Speaking) Tammy Nischuk (Dynamically Speaking)
D12 Anne Watson (The Eyeopener) Sally Papp (Downtown City Criers)
D23 Lisa Branch (Fluor Communicators) Shelley Werner (Fluor Communicators)
D23  Gail Sherley (High River) Sharon Spaergaren (High River)
E06 Tracy Hendsbee (Igniters) Susan Faber (SMART Speakers)
E06 Kanak Khare (Spoken Word) Allan Cooper (Spoken Word)
E13 Harvey Taphorn (Literally Speaking) Harvey Taphorn (Literally Speaking)
E13 Renee Delorme (Valley Echo) Chris Marsh-Williams (Valley Echo)
E19 Christian Carello (Verbal Gainz) Katherine Jarrell (To The Point)
E19 Nirmal Sahar (To The Point) Christian Carello (Verbal Gainz)
E28 David Blois (Westhills) Loretta Gibbons (Calgary Advanced)
E28 David Antilla (Simply Speaking) Daisy Wei (Calgary Advanced)
F05 Doug Bell (ATB Calgary Campus) Doug Bell (ATB Calgary Campus)
F14 Allan Moore (LIV Ad-Libs) Kimberly Detmold (CREB Talkers)
F20 Fernando Arteaga (Speech Hub) Alex Brown (Speech Hub)
F26 Aamar Maquood (Vibrant Speakers) Dirk DeGagne (Vibrant Speakers)
F29 Amanda Cronin (ShawMasters) Lynette Theriault (Inspired)

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