Recognition makes members feel happy, valued, and that they are achieving their goals.  It is motivating, it is collaborative, it helps build a team.  Additionally, it builds confidence and self-esteem.  I like to think of Toastmasters District 42’s Recognition and Incentive program as the “Ultimate Membership Retention Tool”.  Consequently, members who are noticed and have their successes acknowledged, stay.  Finally, this program is offered for free to every Club and Member.

District 42 recognizes the work, as well as the achievement. Therefore, incentives may vary each year, depending on the quality components being focussed on.

Individual Recognition

Individual education awards are highlighted each month in The Dispatch newsletter – a great form of recognition!  Who doesn’t want to see their name in print?  Click on the item near the end, and send your congratulations to club members and friends for their achievements

Area Director Recognition

Area Directors who conducted their (virtual) club visits and completed reports one month early are receiving a coffee mug.  Thus, the earlier these reports are submitted, the more time there is for the District Executive to read, take action and help support the club. 

Early Completion coffee mugs go to:

  • Area A10 Emma Glover
  • Area A15 James Albers
  • Area A27 Michael Botham
  • Division B Director Arunima Bhattacharya
  • Area B4 Debbie Stearns
  • Area B9 Daniel Lonechild
  • Area B18 Dawn Thomas-Cameron
  • Area B24 Pratheeksha R
  • Area C11 Riley Prescott
  • Area C21 Marie Robertson
  • Area C22 Frank Turcato
  • Area D2 Michaela Enzmann
  • Area D12 Shauna Conard
  • Area D23 Irma Goosen
  • Area E6 Srinivasa Jeyakumar
  • Area E13 Amritha Kailas
  • Area E19 Dennis Kerber
  • Area F5 Maria Gutierrez
  • Area F20 Grace Wang
  • Area F29 Shauna Jones

Club Fitness Award

The Club Fitness Award was designed to highlight the importance of:

  • maintaining an accurate club roster
  • completing a Club Success Plan
  • running a Moments of Truth workshop

This is the second year we have offered this award, and there is a good chance that it will be on the roster for next year.  Work with your club members, and plan for success. These Clubs achieved this award this year winning a Core Values banner.

AreaClubs Winning Club Fitness Award
A10WPTM Communicators
Health Masters Toastmasters Club
Ignite Healt
A15Twin Rivers Club
Bow Valley Toastmasters Club
Ace of Clubs
B09Club 13 Toastmasters Club
C11Twin Towers Toastmasters Club
C17CanOrators Toastmasters Club
Refined Speakers Toastmasters
C21Toast of the Town Club
D23Big Rock Pioneer Toastmasters
Fluor Communicators Club
Calgary Pace Setters Club
Fish Creek Bravehearts Club
High River Toastmasters Club
E13Spring Forward Northwest Toastmasters
Valley Echo Toastmasters
Literally Speaking
E19Verbal Gainz Toastmasters Club
F5Bedstone Olympics Toastmasters Club
ATB Calgary Campus
F20Tuesday Nooners Club
Speech Hub Toastmasters
F26High Riser Toastmasters Club
Vibrant Speakers Club
WAAMtastic Toastmasters
F29Inspired Toastmasters
* Still awaiting confirmation on a few additional clubs for Club Fitness Award

What is next on the horizon for Club Incentives?

District 42 Leadership Training sessions always contain an officer training component.  Any member is welcome to attend any of these sessions; club officers are expected to attend the session relating to their role.

We had an amazing 100 clubs that met the minimum requirement of four officers trained in the Fall sessions.  Repeating this in the Winter will earn them a DCP point.

Out of those 100 clubs, 34 clubs had 100% of their officers attend training.  If those clubs can repeat this in the upcoming Winter session, they will earn a “7 out of 7” banner ribbon, and a mini portfolio that can be used as a prize or incentive within the club.

Help!  I can’t keep up!  Where do I find more information!

Members can look to Club leaders and Area Directors.  Agree on a communication schedule so you can give and receive regular updates.

For District Recognition and Incentives, read the District Dispatch and look at the D42 website regularly, including the Blog and Events calendar.  There are many people who put in a lot of work behind the scenes to create these amazing resources that are jam-packed with information.  Acknowledge those efforts by taking some time to read them.

District 42 strives to inculcate a culture of appreciation, as recognition motivates us to do our best.  Make sure to incorporate recognition into your Club agenda.  Acknowledge achievements and celebrate success.

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