Of The Year Awards

Congratulations to District 42’s OTY (pronounced O-tee) Award recipients for the year July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019! 2018-2019 Of The Year Recipients Congratulations to the following Toastmasters on their accomplishments: Public Relations of the Year – Angela Detmold, DTM – Verbal Gainz Toastmasters | E19 Rookie of the Year – Marcy Field, VC5 – Fluor Communicators | D23 Toastmaster of the Year – Ken Humphreys, DTM – Twin Rivers Club | A15 President of the Year – Lorraine …

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Recognition Incentives

Recognition makes members feel happy, valued, and that they are achieving their goals.  It is motivating, it is collaborative, it helps build a team.  Additionally, it builds confidence and self-esteem.  I like to think of Toastmasters District 42’s Recognition and Incentive program as the “Ultimate Membership Retention Tool”.  Consequently, members who are noticed and have their successes acknowledged, stay.  Finally, this program is offered for free to every Club and Member. District 42 recognizes the work, as well as the …

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