DTM What?

DTM Path Review

Joining Toastmasters in June 2020 was merely to improve my confidence and skills in public speaking. Initially, Pathways seemed like a chore: I wanted nothing to do with it. And, a DTM was furthest from my mind, when it was explained to me in light detail.

What catapulted me to embrace Pathways, and ultimately accomplish a DTM? A bit was from feeling incomplete without going through a road of requirements to somewhere that is acknowledged by a long recognized institution. The other reason was wanting to fulfill what became a personal goal. More importantly, being encouraged along the way by Toastmasters mentors.

What made a remarkable change was visiting 100 clubs online, learning from many speakers, and noticing commonalities and differences between clubs and Districts. This added variety and enthusiasm to accomplishing my DTM Toastmaster goal.

Marcus Udokang photoA DTM holds the recognition of the many hours spent and learnings gained from taking on leadership roles, learning more deeply about storytelling from world champions and accredited speakers, developing evaluation skills, and learning to be a better listener. It’s been a journey well worth its value.

Thank you, Toastmasters, for the opportunities and a path worth travelling.


The biggest challenge to getting DTM?

It took a lot of focused time, with work and other things I was juggling. I had to put my MBA on hold until I completed the DTM.

Greatest learning on the DTM path:

My organization skills peaked. I met lots of mentors at Toastmasters. I learned lots about formulating speeches, and leadership and graphic design skills, from these mentors.

See my DTM Journey presentation at a D42 DTM Mastermind group from June 18, 2022, HERE.

Favourite DTM Project

International Women’s Day, which we called United Colours of Women, ran for 5 days. It included discussion panels, an art workshop, a signature workshop, and 5 short stories from 5 women. 
You can watch the video HERE.

Marcus Udokang, DTM
Past Area E6 Director
District 42
Toastmasters International


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