What is a Club Mentor?

A Club Mentor is an appointed advisor for a newly formed club. Club Mentors have a great effect on the degree to which a new club succeeds.

Who can be a Club Mentor?

An experienced Toastmaster in good standing who has completed or is close to completing their first pathway and has been a club officer.

What is the Time Commitment for Club Mentor?

The assignment term is no less than 6 months to a year as the mentor is expected to ensure the club is self- sufficient.

Why would I Serve as a Club Mentor?

Mentoring allows you to:

  • Share your expertise;
  • Prove yourself as a valuable leader;
  • Invest in the future of Toastmasters;
  • Obtain fresh perspectives;
  • Enhance your teamwork skills;
  • Earn credit toward the path to the Distinguished Toastmaster award;

Where can I obtain additional information about becoming a New Club Mentor?

Please contact Brian Fegan, The Chair of the Club Extension Committee for District 42 at bbfeg@shaw.ca or Daisy Wei, D42 Club Growth Director

Brian Fegan
D42 Club Extension Committee Chair

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