The Platinum Rule

An article on the Platinum Rule caught my attention recently as it relates to how we serve our members.  We are accustomed to the traditional Golden Rule where “we treat other people the way we like to be treated.”   This article pointed out that such a golden rule may not be the best way. To serve others in a more efficient, effective, and everlasting way is by applying this – “Treat other people how they want to be treated.” Such is the Platinum Rule.

Recently, we have been busy organizing the follow-up training for our DD and AD.  We planned the first one based on our assessment of what we needed to cover.  We may not have fully addressed the needs of our leaders as we may have applied the Golden Rule and not the Platinum Rule.  We are now asking our leaders what they expect and want to hear from the training.  Fortunately, they have spoken and have submitted topics that are important to them, which appear to be more on the leadership soft skills and less on mechanics. After all, the majority of us volunteer to serve to develop our skills.

I recall in my home club, we encouraged our members to step up to take on executive roles.   Fortunately, we were lucky to get some of them to answer the call. Does it stop there? Can we assume they will learn the ropes themselves to carry on their tasks?   Can we solely rely on the Club Officer Training (COT) they attended to get them going? Can we assume the hands-off strategy for our leaders to thrive will work for them? Can we assume the way you yourself want to be treated is the best way to treat them? That was the Golden Rule again.   Later I learned that such was not their expectation.  They expected more guidance and help from us. I should have treated them the way they wanted to be treated … hence the Platinum Rule.

Such a revelation!  Moving forward, using surveys and solicitation for inputs will help determine what is essential to our leaders and members.   Spending the time to communicate with them individually helps us understand them better and, as a result, enables us to serve them better.   After all, we leaders are here to serve our members … the platinum way.

Eugene Sicat,
District 42 Program Quality Director

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