Most, if not every Toastmaster in District 42 (Southern AB & SK) has experienced Zoom.  And you can obtain your own account from Zoom, for free.  In fact, many people use Zoom this way.  Sure it has limitations compared to a paid account, but what you get for free, is an outstanding deal.  And it allows you to play around with Zoom, and not break anything 🙂

You can join someone’s Zoom meeting easily, especially if they send you a web link URL.  Here are three ways you can join:

Want to have a more pleasurable experience?  Update your Zoom software – https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362233-Upgrade-update-to-the-latest-version

For example, many months ago, Zoom did a change, and participants could select their own Breakout Room (if the Breakout Rooms were set up that way).  But people on an older release of Zoom software were not able to do that.

Scared of Zoom?  Read these five Zoom myths – https://blog.zoom.us/truth-behind-zoom-myths/

Happy Zooming…

Harvey Taphorn

D42 Tech Team

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