Humorous Gala Recap

December 5th was an auspicious date!  It was the Humorous Gala date hosted by Inspired Toastmasters and Sponsored by Circle of Gold. 

A well-known past Toastmaster, Palmo Carpino, was the Master Of Ceremonies and led the large crowd through an evening of laughter and fun! 

More than 110 people attended to watch 8 of the funniest Toastmasters in District 42 present their original speeches.

Stanley Vong, Dave Dyck, Bob Rodgers, Mona Cooley, Amanda Cronin, Lucas Steeves, Laura Chambers and Molly Hamilton kept the audience in stitches! 

It was an incredible presentation of eight completely different styles and a true lesson to the audience that everyone has a funny bone.  The Circle of Gold team conducted a brief COG on Mona Cooley’s speech (thank you Mona for being such a good sport). 

The spring contest season is just around the corner so it was a wonderful reminder to our competitive speakers that the Circle of Gold is standing by to help them polish their speeches.

The Gala was held partly as a replacement for our lost Humorous Contest, and mostly to remind our fellow Toastmasters that attending events in person is good for the Toastmasters’ soul!  The laughter!  The camaraderie!  The incredible energy! The roof came off. 

If the dozens of emails I received over the next few days indicate this, this should be an annual event!  

Thank you to all the volunteers that made the evening possible.  We presented the profits of the evening to the Greater Forest Lawn +55 Society – a very deserving recipient.
Let’s all continue to attend in-person events, and ask for events to be held in person!  That is the true spirit of Toastmasters!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Laura Chambers, DTM
Member of Inspired Toastmasters and current Area Director of F29.

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