Leadership Training - January 29, 2022

ONE NOTE AT A TIME D42 Leadership Training performed at the Zoom auditorium on Saturday, January 29 to a packed house of over 150 eager and enthusiastic fans!

Making a Difference, ONE BOX AT A TIME with Shelter Box was directed by Stephanie Christensen. Please find out how you can help disaster relief assistance in one simple step HERE.

Finish the Race ONE KM AT A TIME with Super Marathoner, Author and Rotary Leader, Martin Parnell.  Discover how the Secret 3K creates safe and inclusive spaces that promote gender equality and celebrate our right to be free to run.  Everyone is invited to come together and make a difference.  Learn more about the Secret Marathon HERE led by Martin, as he leads the pack.

Interested in growing your band and having bigger concerts and a larger fan base?  Check out ONE MEMBER AT A TIME tips by Leanne Woodhouse who wrote, directed and produced this clip exclusively for our big day.  See what she has to share HERE and watch your club numbers climb the charts and attract an increased fan base.

Make Your Own Symphony conducted by Michaela Enzmann gives us an easy scorecard for Creating our own Path in the Pathways program, ONE PROJECT AT A TIME.   See her new number HERE.

Ever wondered how you can be the conductor and lead your own band, orchestra or symphony?  This talk show clip will stretch your thinking and inspire you to learn one instrument at a time.  Debbie Sterns, as the lead singer, takes us through the verses with some D42 superstars ONE LEADER AT A TIME.  Catch it all HERE for a limited time only.

ONE NOTE AT A TIME was professional and harmonious providing an energizing sound for our ears at a time when we are all looking for some refreshing new vibes.

Thanks to the supporting band players who instructed us on the seven different ways to be in the band. You make the music easy to listen to.

Thank you to our Chief Conductor, Andreea Munteanu who planned, communicated and organized the program for this tremendous show!  Back Stagehands, Vesna Ivkovic, Wendie Swirski, Susan Faber, and Christina Kruis kept the show running smoothly. Applause for our Master of Ceremonies, Dave Schaaf who was witty and entertaining while we sang along!  You keep a great beat!! We hope you are hooked and look forward to you joining us for our next concert tour later this year in June. Tickets will be available soon, please watch your social media connections!

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